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  • I will just pour this alcohol that is on fire on my desk, WCGW?
  • Future Head of the UN security council does some magic
  • When your students forget that Ethanol floats on water
  • She just had to go and summon the demons from hell
  • And now, for my next trick... Growing chaos!
  • HMBkr as I light this dollar bill on fire
  • HMC while I show you a magic trick
  • What was in the tupperware?
  • Let me show you a trick!
  • Volunteer Firefighter
  • Doing a Magic Trick
  • A cool magic trick
  • Money to burn
  • Ta-Da!

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  • Saige Gutkowski Reply

    And this is how my 5th floor neighbor burned the last 3 floors of our building. Grease fire in a frying pan, poured water on it, freaked out, opened her front door to call for help. Freaked out some more and opened the window to get rid of the smoke. Just like a chimney. It was quite beautiful. Until the older lead gas lines melted.