Taking a leap

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  • Doggo Fucking OBLITERATES toddler, then GoEs FoR SEcoNdS!!!!1!11!
  • If you didn't mean to do it and you are sorry then we're all good
  • MuTaNt hOuNd bRuTtaLly dEvOuRs iNnoCeNt cHiLd FrOm aBoVe
  • Bulldog going in for the kill (X-post from r/likeus
  • pupper pranks smol human then does a concern
  • Hitdog goes back in for the finishing kill
  • I'm sorry, please don't tell dad
  • You're not getting away from me
  • Bull Terrier tackles little kid
  • Assassins Creed Syndicate DLC
  • Leap of fury, and some guilt
  • Diving double axe handle
  • Dog Feels Bad for Prank
  • Bulldog makes a mistake
  • Bulldog and kid playing
  • Kid and a concerned dog
  • Kid wasted by dog
  • Oops, sorry mate
  • Je suis monte!
  • Taking a leap
  • Dog Empathy
  • Dog Regrets
  • Comin' thru
  • Stay down!
  • me irl

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