Taking A Nap Everyday Could Help Save Your Life

The European Society of Cardiology recently discovered that taking a midday nap everyday could be good for your health. Through their extensive research, they found that naps help reduce your blood pressure by at least 5 percent. This means that by taking a nap, you will lessen the risk of having a heart attack.

Within their study, the European Society of Cardiology was able to analyze the effects naps had on blood pressure levels in 386 patients that average at the age of 61.4 years. The research was able to find a link between the blood pressure and length of naps with the individuals that slept for at least an hour. Those individuals ended up having the healthiest blood pressure results. Scientists also calculated everyone’s age, BMI, gender and exercise habits to determine their results.

According to research author, Dr. Manolis Kallistratos, a cardiologist at Asklepieion Voula General Hospital in Athens, a midday nap is mostly needed for those with extensive daily routines. “Midday sleep is a habit that nowadays is almost a privilege due to a nine to five working culture and intense daily routine. Our study shows that not only is midday sleep associated with lower blood pressure, but longer sleeps are even more beneficial.

We found that midday sleep is associated with lower 24 hour blood pressure, an enhanced fall of blood pressure at night and less damage to the arteries and the heart. The longer the midday sleep, the lower the systolic blood pressure levels and probably fewer drugs [are] needed to lower blood pressure.”

If you’re ever feeling tired, don’t ignore it. Do what the doctor says and take that much needed nap.

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