Teacher Creates Amazing Harry Potter Themed Classroom

An Oklahoma City schoolteacher decided to spice up her classroom a bit by turning it into a real life Hogwarts. Stephanie Stephens is a special education schoolteacher for 6 through 8th graders at James L. Capps Middle School. Her classroom became an instant hit with Harry Potter fans, thanks to her husband sharing photos of her creative work on Reddit.

Stephanie Stephens told Oklahoma TV Station, that she wanted her students to think critically and outside of the box. She hopes her classroom decorations will expire her students to use their imagination. “My kids all are required to think outside the box and the critical thinking is really important in my class. I think that teachers really need to find something they’re passionate about, because [students] will be passionate about things that you’re passionate about.”

When students of James L. Capps Middle school walk by Stephens’ classroom they will be greeted with a door that resembles the brick portal entrance to Platform 9 ¾. There are also shelves and boxes that feature ‘Harry Potter’ style fonts. Students will even find a little section that’s marked ‘Potions’.

Stephens stated on Reddit that she wants to find a way to incorporate Harry Potter into her lectures. She wants her Harry Potter inspired classroom to give students the opportunity to have fun while learning. “I plan to implement fun activities as we go along in the book (one chapter per week). For example, when Harry gets his wand, we will make wands in my classroom. When they get sorted in the book, we will get sorted in real life. It’ll be fun activities so it’s not just another boring core class. It’ll be fun and educational.”

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