Teacher Suspended After Posting Offensive Facebook Rant About Students

An Alabama high school teacher and band director was recently suspended after posting an offensive Facebook rant against some student pranksters. Cindy Stephens vented her frustration on the social media site after four recent graduates of the school used a spreader to coat the roads around the school with a mixture made from chicken excrement.

According to Huffington Post, Stephens wrote: “Senior prank my a$$! […] My morning was spent sweeping that crap off the sidewalk to the band room. Now my nose is running off my face and I am suffering an allergy attack. We know who did it and my sincerest hope is that you become someone b!+** in jail, and you are paying restitution for the next 10 years! YOU SUCK!!!!”

Community members caught wind of the post and complained to school administrators who later suspended Cindy, while they investigate the matter. Cindy has since deleted her Facebook account. Meanwhile, the students behind the prank were ordered to perform 120 hours of community service, and repay the cost of the cleanup.

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