Technology will be our doom

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  • スカイネット法案が可決されて97年の8月4日にシステムが稼動すると、防衛戦略の全てを任されたスカイネットは幾何級数的な速度で学習を始め、8月29日東部標準時間2時5分…自我に目覚めた。
  • See what happens when the robot finds out it's feeding a libertarian subject
  • I think we've all wanted to apply an NRB to "select" patients like this
  • MRW I'm stoned and find a bag of chips I forgot about in my backpack
  • When your jungler feeds kills to their bot lane
  • Eat this, filthy human! Eat it! Eat it! Eat it!
  • MRW I am in the mood, but my GF isn't
  • Just as Charlie Chaplin predicted
  • The technology will be our doom
  • [G] Technology Will Be Our Doom
  • The early beginnings of Skynet
  • It's just one of those days
  • Steady... ATTACK!
  • desi moms v. sons
  • A majestic robot
  • Eat the food!
  • Just Eat It
  • me irl

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