Teenage Girl Dies After Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

17-year-old Sydney Galleger recently passed away after suffering from cardiac arrest while getting her wisdom teeth removed. Galleger went in for the routine dental procedure last week, when things started to go terribly wrong.

According to Sydney’s mother, Diane Galleger, her blood pressure shot up and her pulse dropped, resulting in Sydney going into a cardiac arrest. Sydney’s doctor immediately called 911 and proceeded to perform CPR on the Minnesota teenager. She was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital once her heart started to beat again. Later, Sydney was transferred to University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital where Sydney’s parents were told their daughter might be suffering from an unknown heart condition.

During her stay at the hospital, Sydney’s condition deteriorated. She started suffering seizures and required a ventilator to help her breathe. Sydney’s brain began to swell and she underwent surgery in order to reduce the pressure on her brain. That didn’t help much, as her brain continued to swell. Doctors then told the family there wasn’t anything else they could do.

Sydney died on Monday, June 15th. Her family is thankful for all of the caring and heartfelt messages they’ve received. In a statement the Galleger family released, they said they are still trying to process and make sense of everything.

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