Teenager Faces 10 Years Imprisonment For Having Naked Pictures Of Himself On His Phone

A person has the right to do with their own body as they please, but a recent case in North Caroline proves that the law can intervene in far more devious ways than we think. Cormega Copening, a 17-year old high schooler from Fayetteville-area has been charged with sexually exploiting a minor after being caught in a sexting scandal. Unfortunately for Cormega, he is being tried as an adult, and one of the naked pictures on his cell phone is of himself.

Although it is unclear how the authorities found these pictures on Cormega’s cell phone, sources confirm that he was exchanging naked pictures with his girlfriend, 16 year old Brianna Denson. The fact that explicit pictures of both teenagers were found on his mobile does not bode well for Cormega, but there seems to be a larger issue at hand. How can Cormega be tried for exploiting himself?

Apparently, Cormega does not own himself, according to the law, therefore he is not allowed to be carrying those pictures on his phone. Although this does not make much sense, he is facing second and third degree sexual exploiting charges, and a harmless instance of sexting seems to be taking a rapid turn for the very worse.

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