Teenager Struck By Lightning Inside Of Her Home

A teenage girl was struck by lighting as she was opening the refrigerator for a bite to eat. On Memorial Day, Macie Martinez said she was reaching for some applesauce when lightning struck her house and passed through the many kitchen appliances. Her mother, Misty Villarreal, said she was in the living room when it happened.

Villarreal recalls hearing a loud explosion, followed by an extremely loud scream coming from her daughter in the kitchen. Villarreal stated: “I hear an explosion and my daughter screaming and the worst scream I had ever heard anybody scream and the house went dark and I look over and she’s shaking and screaming.”

Macie said she barley remembers anything that happened but she remembers the excruciating pain that she felt over her entire body. “I don’t remember a lot from that day. I do remember being in the most pain I had ever been in. I just remember not being able to let go until my dad pulled me off.” Her dad, Anthony Villarreal, said his daughter couldn’t walk after being struck by lightning. He is grateful that is daughter is okay. “As soon as she opened the door, I heard an explosion. She couldn’t walk.”

The family has since set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for Macie’s medical bills as well as house repairs. Misty Villarreal said that Macie was diagnosed with temporary paralysis and secondary electrocution. While Macie said she is feeling better, she often feels exhausted and a bit tingly.

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