Ten Shocking Extreme Punishments for Crimes

Severity of the punishment versus the severity of the crime has always been a hotly debated subject all over the world. The majority of punishments on this list represent different forms of capital punishment, which is still practiced in countries like the United States, China, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Not every punishment on this list results in death, as some simply leave a long lasting physical and/or mental impact. It’s also worth pointing out that we don’t still practice all of these methods. You can probably work out which ones.

1. Burned at the Stake

Crimes including treason and heresy were punished during the Middle Ages by burning the offender alive. In England, the punishment was applied to women for acts of high treason, while men were hung, drawn and quartered.Particularly nasty executioners could keep the victim alive for a considerable period of time in immense pain, as the fire did its stuff. One famous victim of this method was Joan of Ark.

2. Boiling

Another heat themed exit plan. The criminal would be hung over a vat of boiling tar, oil, or water (if you were lucky, we guess) and slowly lowered into it. Boiling was a popular response to poisonings.

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