Texas Community Fears Takeover … By America

Redsidents of Bastro county, Texas are afraid they might be about to get invaded. The invasion, according to some of the most ardent advocates of the issue, will be carried out by the American armed forces. At issue is the largest military exercise in the history of the country. Members of the community believe this excercise could actually be a cover in order to establish a military presence and declare Marshall Law. The Washington Post recently talked to the area’s head of the Republican party, he believes that President Obama has done enough to make the people of Texas believe he would be capable of such a takeover.

On the other side of the issue are people like the County Judge Paul Pape, who tried to hold a county meeting in order to dissuade people from thinking this was anything more than a regular old training exercise. The people who showed up carried signs claiming that they didn’t want a “Gestapo” in the area.

“I’m sensitive to the fact that some of our Bastrop residents are concerned, and I’m confident that they are very sincere about their concerns,” Pape said. “But how did we get to this point in our country?”

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