Texas Woman Steals $3,000 Worth Of Sausage And Sells It At Gas Station

A 28-year-old woman has been arrested and accused of stealing $3,000 worth of sausage from her job and selling it at a nearby gas station.

Kimberly Carrillo of San Antonio, Texas, not only snatched the sausage, but she was caught selling the sausages from her car. Another employee said that they witnessed Carrillo stealing the meat and reported what they saw to managers. According to reports, managers reviewed the surveillance tape and caught the woman in the act. Kimberly, who was an employee at the Kiolbassa Provision Company, has officially been charged with theft. It is not clear how Kimberly Carrillo removed the sausages from her workplace.

Last November, another woman was busted for stealing $6,400 worth of sausage from the same company. 45-year-old Regina Shaw took the sausages last September and sold them to a man and also attempted to pay off a debt to the same person.

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