Thai Police Reward Themselves $84,000 After Arresting Bombing Suspect

The local police within Thailand recently made an arrest of a suspect connected to the bombing of the country’s capital. The men and women of the police department took some unusual steps in an effort to reward themselves for a job well done, though.

The police involved in the arrest decided they would keep the reward money that had originally been offered to the public for any information that helped lead to an arrest of the suspect. The police have said they managed to capture the man alive without any help from other people, so they kept it. The reward was in the amount of £54,000 ($83,000), and is being given in full to everyone who was involved with the arrest of the man they sought.

National police chief Somyot Poompanmoung spoke to journalists during a press conference, saying: “This money should be given to officials who did their job. This arrest, I confirm is due purely to the work of police.”

The bombing occurred on August 17th at Bangkok’s Erawan Shrine, with 20 people killed in the attack. One male suspect has been arrested, but has not yet been charged.

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