The 10 Worst Things In Nature

While it is true that nature provides nearly everything humans could possibly ever need and it is so immensely diverse that we cannot imagine charting all of it, the simple fact of the matter is that nature is horrible at the same time. There are some truly nasty things in our world, and those things can be deadly or dangerous to everything around them. If you want true horror in your life, spend a night in the remote woods. Here are ten of the worst things in nature.

Most Vicious Animal

The honey badger has long been known for being the most vicious animal in the world. These little beasts will attack nearly anything, including an animal that is ten times its size. They absolutely love diving headfirst into a beehive for honey.

Worst Insect

The moqsuito is, without a doubt, the worst isnect in the entire world. Mosquitoes carry multiple diseases, all of which can kill a human. The annoying buzzing sound you hear around your ears just makes them ten times worse.

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