The Avengers Meets Friends In This Hilarious Video

The “Friends” zeitgeist has returned with the show’s recent arrival on Netflix. Old fans and new fans are able to relive classic moments from the timeless show. Jeremiah Rivera has done a great deed for the internet and melded the “Friends” intro with scenes from “The Avengers”. The YouTuber has done parodies of the popular intro in the past, when he did his take on the “Harry Potter” franchise.

The iconic song “I’ll Be There For You” that was made famous during the intro to “Friends” is in full force, with the recognizable ‘Friends font’ as well. All the Avengers are present and each get their moment in the spotlight. When the intro ends, you have to imagine that Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Black Widow, are going to meet up for coffee. The 90’s sitcom style actually suits the film quite well. It will be hard to look at the movie the same way after watching this clip.

source: youtube
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