The Best End Of Summer Fails And Flops

Oh the sights of summer: bathing suits, pool parties, and recreation. It’s almost over but how did people spend their summer? Judging by these photos, it was with a lot of hilarity. Some people just don’t understand how to do summer like everyone else. But then, we wouldn’t capture these great moments. Right? Here are some of the funniest fails, flubs, and wins caught on camera. They feature slips, ridiculous tans, drunks and just plain old random end of summer fun.

Hump Day

What can you say? The beach brings out the romantic in all of us.

Dreaming of a White Summer

Answer this question, “How much sun does this woman need?” Apparently a lot. Don’t see it yet? You will.

Great Show

He’s missing the entire summer jam.

Problem Solver

Maybe he just couldn’t fit into the craft and really needed to get to the other side of the bay to pick up another case of beer.

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