The darker side of Mario games

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  • I went back to Digg a few days ago and it is surprisingly better than expected
  • MRW my teammate abandons my TagPro lead but goes on to cap any way
  • Don't trust Mario, he's an asshole
  • The darker side of Mario games
  • Didn't even get the max stars
  • No Yoshi gonna slow him down!
  • Hello Darkness My Old Friend
  • Mario doesn't care anymore
  • Yoshi's Heart Will go On
  • Mario is Yoshi's enemy
  • Requiem of a Betrayal
  • Asshole Mario(repost)
  • Mario Pavarotti 2
  • Mario ain't loyal
  • 420blaze it Mario
  • Mario is a dick
  • Ooh whatcha say
  • Sail Away Mario

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