The first time is always the best time

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after that, you're just chasing the dragon.
  • a child's initiation into the matrix. you can see her being overwhelmed by the poison, and everyone around her just cheering her on
  • MRW I'm taking a late-night shit having forgotten about the chocolate-covered Trinidad scorpion pepper I ate hours before
  • MRW I was having a bad trip on shrooms and my friend gave me cocaine to "level me out"
  • MRW the acid wears off and i notice i am in the middle of eating my blue pet rabbit
  • MRW my venue has a cotton candy machine available for late night appetizers
  • MRW it kicks in during Crosseyed & Painless at Dick's N3
  • My reaction to the trailer when i first saw it
  • [Funny] The first time is always the best time
  • [MEME] MFW the sgt terminates the pursuit
  • MRW The poop is more than I bargained for
  • Peaking harder than you thought possible
  • When you do 69 and she is still suckin
  • MRW I discover new Viagra cotton candy
  • After smashing a smurf frack session
  • This is gona be me this weekend
  • What do you guys think of this?
  • The pre-workout has me like
  • When you rip a fat line

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