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The Future Is Here, Two Men Flying With Jet Packs Over Dubai

Science fiction is now among us! Two brave men, Yves Rossy & Vince Reffet from the Jetman Dubai Jetpack Athletic Team, have released an amazing video featuring their synchronized flight above Dubai’s breathtaking skyline via jetpacks!

Yves Rossy, originally from Switzerland, is a pilot by profession and leading innovator in propelled human flight. Rossy has developed his own customized jetpack design and after a number of years of experimentation, has developed a workable and efficient jetpack that would bring humans closer to the power of flight.

In the video, he and his protege, Vince Reffet, fly high above the city of Dubai and the surrounding deserts. His jetpack takes is capable of flying for between 6 to 13 minutes at speeds of 180 to 300 kph!

source: youtube
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