The most accurate "Mean Tweet"

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  • Delmer Kohler Reply

    Yeah a pretty multimillionaire pop star is really down with the struggle. Her publicist is telling her what to tweet to keep the >24 crowd interested in her next song about overcoming the odds by shooting fireworks or whatever. If she was a classic musician or country artist she'd be spewing some other type of political dribble.

  • Berneice Macejkovic Reply

    It means... **CYNICAL RESPONSE MODE ACTIVATED** > How goes it? Hey op's bro! It HAS been a while! I imagine there's a lot going on with him you'll want to inquire about, huh? Plus there's the whole thing about being estranged, so I imagine... > it has been quite a while since we had any real interaction, so in some ways, starting this letter off a little awkwardly for me. Normally I make a joke, some funnier than others, to break the ice... ... Oh, okay. So we're done NOT talking about you now I guess? I mean, I suppose I should be proud. You managed to go *three whole words* without making this letter about you. > here I thought I'd start by letting you know I supported Hillary, was not shocked by Trump victory, will miss Obama, and am hopeful that our country will not fall apart in the next 2-8 years. So... to the question of "Which political views do you hold?" your answer is apparently "*All of them.*" I'm guessing you're fishing for praise for your political standpoint, but you're not sure what your sister supports, so you're just gonna load 'em all into a shotgun and see what sticks? > I was at Uncle <blank>'s party yesterday; everyone was asking about you. "Hey! Hey! Look at this thing! This shiny thing! You could have gone to shiny thing. But you didn't go to shiny thing because you insisted on your feelings mattering and other silly stuff. Now you have missed shiny thing. And no one knows why." > Being that I'm not a very good liar, "BECAUSE THE TRUTH MUST BE KEPT HIDDEN, FOR IT IS SHAMEFUL!" If we went around *acknowledging* the truth, terrifying things like CHANGE might occur! > I just kept fairly quiet (which is pretty impossible for me) Somehow I don't have difficulty believing this > ... So again, more awkwardness. And... I guess this is our cue to feel sympathy for your horrible plight of having to deal with awkward situations JUST because your sister refuses to be a doormat anymore? > There are a lot of things I learned/realized while in the penalty box the last 9 months Because of course, this is about punishing YOU, not just about your sister not wanting to deal with your bullshit, and being happier living her life without it. This MUST have been done for your benefit somehow! > some were obvious, others were not. I can't wait to hear THIS wisdom jam. Go on, o great guru of siblinghood. *Hit me.* > One is that, I am a real asshole. *Incoming redefinition of term 'Asshole' detected* > I have a view on something, someone, and often while it may be very well be an accurate view, it is not okay for me to berate people on that view/truth: So, as of RIGHT NOW, the new definition of 'Asshole' is; **Asshole - Someone who is correct and insightful, and who shares these insights with others.** > especially when those people are my closest friends or family. So, basically you're flipping the lever now? Instead of always telling the truth, you will always lie? Notice there's absolutely NO mention of consideration of the other person's feelings in this? Feelings do not factor into the new definition of asshole! Merely truth, or lies. If you tell the truth, you are an Asshole, and noble for it. If you lie, you are protecting your friends and family, and noble for it. So, essentially whichever you end up choosing to do, you get the moral high ground, right? > Christmas at <blank> is a great example of this, with me losing it on Dad. We can't actually use an example featuring the op, because naturally she DESERVED all the times you went off on her, right? Instead let's imply the noble thing is to ignore DAD'S bad behaviour and just let her know you've switched sides on an issue she might have thought you agreed with her on. > The worst part is that my message gets lost in the noise; so even though I may have a valid point, no one can hear it, they just see/hear/feel a loud screaming idiot. Ohhhhh, so the problem is they just *misunderstand you.* By the way, *loving* how careful you are to reinforce the fact that you are, in all ways and all things, correct, and any time you are perceived as NOT correct, you in fact ARE correct, you're just too LOUD. > My passion turns into anger and aggression, and I need to do a better job, in my life, of being more constructive with that energy. Or you could, y'know, occasionally acknowledge the *possibility* that you're not 100% correct *all the time.* No? Gonna just go with needing to explain your correctness better? Okay. You do you. Just... do it over *there.* Away from anything *sentient.* > I have also learned, that in spite of this, my closest friends and family and co-workers... know this as a flaw of mine and love me anyway. Ah, okay, so the REAL problem isn't you need to yell less when explaining how you are right and everyone else is wrong, but that people who are around you need to be more understanding and tolerant of the fact that you are an 'Asshole'. And so therefore there is no real need for you to change one iota. > I am lucky to have that unconditional love in my life, and am going to try my best not to push it away. I can keep shooting straight, saying how it is, and be very honest... just need to focus on my delivery. No... no I don't think your delivery is the problem, my friend. Here, lemme point something out to you. In this letter, to your estranged sister, where you are ostensibly trying to mend fences with her, and bridge an emotional gap and bring about understanding between you, here is the focus of each sentence in this letter thus far: Op. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. Are you noticing a pattern yet? Here is a hint: *It is not excessive correctness.* > Two is that... my behaviour, my actions... have a longer lasting effect than I have ever known. So... You have *just now* discovered the concept of *consequences.* > I may be coming from a good place, a place of love, in my action and behaviour Just to REMIND us, in case we've forgotten since the distance hazy past of the last paragraph, that you are ALWAYS CORRECT. And brave, noble, thrifty, true and however many other merit badges you can cram on. > but that part can get lost... often I am just tired, irritated, and with that my filter comes off... Oh, you poor, tormented soul, to be forced to deal with such woefully flawed and imperfect beings such as we! Who misinterpret your noble and pure intentions, and shy away from your wisdom and counsel! Who could blame you for being frustrated for being saddled with such wretched beings who have not even the wit to realize your shining perfect, and gracefully accept your succor? Jesus Christ, you are so far up your own ass that you've come out your own mouth and looped back around again! > Even when I am genuine in my apology, there is irrevocable harm that has been done. Well, I don't see why you're bringing up THAT spectre, because there's nothing resembling an apology here. Or, is this where op is supposed to realize she's misunderstood due to her flawed nature, and retroactively give you credit for all those PREVIOUS apologie(s)? > Sometimes... I am just plain ugly... *"... Buuuuut..."* > it is usually when I'm at my wit's end, when I am at maximum frustration, and this sheer ugliness that sits inside of me just comes out in the form of verbal abuse "*... When I AM ugly, it's your fault.*" > somehow I think that through my ugliness I can get a message across "*... And even when I'm ugly, I am STILL noble. In fact I am MORE noble because I am ASSUMING the burden of ugliness in a futile attempt to make you mere mortals SEE THE LIGHT*" > instead I am just hurtful. Referring to you as the "other <blank> girls" may have been the worst thing I have said to anyone You sound almost PROUD of that. > and while I can never take that back Errr... excuse you *yes you fucking can.* But it just requires you to admit you were WRONG to say it. > I hope you can forgive me one day. And that is something you carefully avoided. In fact, given your *relentless* reinforcement of how *everything that dribbles out of your mouth is truth,* it implies you *still stand by this statement.* That you are sorry because it resulted in *consequences,* but not because what you said was an *untruth.* > I wrote out a list of my ugly behaviour towards you over the years; I am sure you remember it all in detail, But here are three of them I certainly remember; pretty ashamed of myself to be honest: I am gonna sprain something rolling my eyes as hard as I'm about to, aren't I? > The last Mets we went to; I was going thru a bad time, this was years ago. I remember being very angry, upset. And just being horrible to you. I wondered after why you even care to spend time with me. Okay, good start, good start. We lead off by explaining that it wasn't your fault because you were going through a bad time BEFORE actually going into what you did, lead into your emotions, because those are *paramount,* and then not actually SAY what you did other than a generic indication of badness. And then finish off with some fishing for sympathy and pity with a little light martyrdom.

  • Callie Deckow Reply

    What I am about to tell you, in 1000 words or more upon your request, can be summed up into one sentence: Romeo and Juliet is shit, total shit. And to prove my point, I will give a scene by scene analysis of why Shakespeare is trolling your ass and my ass included, thanks to you. Okay so it starts out with some servants of these two noble families fighting each other. Then Benvolio, an actual Montague shows up and tries to stop it until Tybalt shows up then he’s all pissy. Anyway somehow the citizens (in my mind I’m envisioning some old grandmas with pots and pans) are able to beat back these factions, or fagtions as I will henceforth all them. This scene raises a lot of questions, such as: Why are the servants fighting and why do they care? How am I supposed to route for a dude named Benvolio? It sound like an electric keyboard manufacturer. And lastly, how the hell did a bunch of grandmas drive away a bunch of dudes? Next up we meet Romeo, who is apparently mopping and crying about Rosaline, some girl who doesn’t give a shit. I immediately disliked the main character. I mean he even waited to do all his crying until he got into some special sycamore garden. How sappy is that? So anyway after Romeo is all teared out Benvolio comes up with the great idea of bringing Romeo to this party where some hot chicks are going to be. The only problem is, it’s a Capulet party, which basically means Benvolio is an idiot. Benvolio is ruining everything by bringing his now super horny friend to a party where he should not talk to any of the girls. He’s gotta know Romeo is ready to explode down under I mean he’s obviously not been deflowering the Rose is you know what I mean. So the conclusion of this paragraph is Benvolio is seriously fucking everything up. And sure enough Romeo sets his horny little eyes on the young Juliet and BOOM they are in love. Instantly, like after seven lines back and forth or something ridiculous like that. After a few glances they make out and they don’t know each other’s names. This is the point in the story when I realized that Shakespeare is actually still alive and has been the main source of porn stories for the past 30 years or so (total guestimate on the years. If you bastards would let me have internet I would have done the extensive research and given you your damn citations and everything I would have had like 50 sources in the bib). So anyway Romeo figures out Juliet is a Capulet and is sad cause he’s a fag and Juliet finds out and she is sad cause she’s and Romeo hops a wall into another orchard garden type place cause he’s a sucker for that cheesy shit and they tell each other how they love each other and he leaves …… to go to Friar Lawrence, who by the way I don’t think is a Friar. I think what happened is his first name is actually Friar and everyone just thought he was an actual Friar and then so did he cause he is a certified dumbass. Let me prove this to you … the dumbass part. So Romeo shows up and he is like Hey marry me to this Capulet girl and Friar says “Duh, okay, this will end violence, but let’s keep it secret”. Why would you keep it secret if you wanted it to bond families you dumbass?!! The next ridiculous thing that happens is Tybalt challenges Romeo to a duel for eating his food. Yes, I repeat, challenges Romeo to a duel for going to the Capulet feast. So this tells me that ole Billy Shakespeare was straight out of ideas. He was literally sitting there like “well I could write a little bit more into it like Tybalt finds out about Juliet from the Nurse who is gonna get the ladder for horny Romeo on the wedding night but nah fuck it the actors need their lines by 3 pm and the dude playing Tybalt is kinda fat so people will understand if he’s mad that someone ate his food.” Back to the duel. A lot of words are exchanged, Mercutio says some funny stuff that I didn’t catch until after you told the whole class what he said and then I really liked him a lot as a character and THEN HE DIED DAMN IT!! Literally I was like “HAHA Mercutio is funny as shit” and then he was gone. He was the only redeeming thing about the whole play and I thought man I could use some more Mercutio in this shitty play and then BOOM, hes’s dead. And all the while Benvolio is just standing there doing jack shit, once again ruining everything while fat Tybalt stabs the best character in the story. The story speeds up thank God and Juliet is about to be married off to some dude named Paris, which is another terrible name. Anyway Friar, instead of just being like ‘hey gotcha I already married them’, says “Let’s act like Juliet is dead and still keep this marriage a secret and then the families will be united later it’s cool guys”. <- Dumbass. So Juliet drinks the potion and she’s put in the crypt and Romeo hears word that she is dead because Friar didn’t let him know in time . . . . because he’s a dumbass. So Romeo goes to the grave still thinking that she is dead and sees Paris and decides he wants to kill him, which is incredibly irrational at this point but that’s what I would want to see if I was at the Globe watching it live so touche Bill. Anyway you know what happens and I’ve explained why it’s a shit story and that’s 1000 words.

  • Lela Borer Reply

    I mean that's not accurate - they're just the most widely known.

  • Titus Brakus Reply

    Here is my favorite recent Tweet from BOH - ____________________________________________________________ [10:25AM 13 October 2016]( >I was 18 years old when I started living in Tokyo. Around that time, I met a senior musician (he still plays to this day). I asked him, “How can I make a living from music?” His answer: “Really love music. Persevere. After you meet people, be grateful for having met them and keep in touch with them.” I believed him. Many years have passed and today, I’m making a living from music, thanks to his advice.

  • Selmer Bergnaum Reply

    Does that mean one is not accurate?

  • Gianni Beahan Reply

    Should we also look at high temps? Average mean is going to be the most accurate here...

  • Arvid Adams Reply

    I mean it was spot on accurate in 2012.

  • Wilber Blick Reply

    We had a similar thread about needing the band's help with girl stuff a few weeks ago and it's a long shot, and probably not gonna happen. You could maybe try to tweet Travis but he's about the only one who you have any chance of getting a reply from. And besides YOU should be the one making her happy on her birthday dude, not some musician! Make her dinner and get her a sweet gift! If she loves Blink, look for a California vinyl or t-shirt or something to surprise her with!

  • Avis Rath Reply

    > Cuckold/Interracial Cuckold/Beastiality Porn - Same shit as above. You might be interested in why so many white guys are into interracial garbage, and it's mostly because - as much as you try to deny it, lefty bastard - everyone's still fucking racist, to some degree, even if unlike /pol/tards like us. The white brain still sees blacks as inferior and more savage, because of their origins as slaves. In a way, the rush one gets from interracial porn is the same as the one from beastiality - it's the rush of seeing something inhumane happen. It's why there's a lot less white guy on black girl porn, since the appeal in there is the reverse - but surprisingly, a lot of black guys have a fetish for getting dommed by white guys, in a reversed racial form of this. Oh, and the BBC crap comes from this fountain too - same reason beastiality porn uses horses a lot, so porn focuses on pretending they're bigger by cherry-picking actors. The reason size is less important in white on white normal porn is because the main character there is supposed to be a self-insert for the viewer, different from the interracial where the appeal is the same as cuck shit. Furry Crap - The appeal of the different and alien. Basically, in a fursuit, it doesn't matter for shit if you're fat, lonely and with a micropenis, because they're all freaks. By submitting himself to such conditions, the man avoids the issue described above of being worried about not being good enough, narrowly side-stepping the whole shitstorm above. It's still crap and freaky. Hentai/Japshit - I'm not going to pretend japshit doesn't have the same risk - the porn slippery slope is real, and the japs are known for loving their fucking traps. You could argue it's a little less worse since there's a lot more still pictures and self-inserts, but you're still subjugated to the societal pressure and the slope will still happen. Trapping/Crossdressing/Forced Feminization - The ultimate cuckery. This is the point the male absolutely gives up on any responsibility as a man and decides to simply become a woman and avoid all the problems above, while simply engaging in his autogynephilia openly. This is bad, fuckers, and it needs to stop. Wanting to Fuck Traps/Trannies/Dominating another Male - An interesting offshoot of the self-esteem problem. When man becomes so worried about not being able to please women, he simply takes the route of projecting a man into that role, instead. This is usually seen in males that have mostly avoided pornography, or at least offshoots of it that don't focus on self-insertion, and thus have little aytogynephilia themselves. Hypnosis Pornography - Quick PSA: Porn hypnosis ain't fucking real. Hypnosis is by definition auto-suggestion - basically, you believe in it because you want to. Stage hypnosis? Several times proven to work by a combination of the audience wanting it to work and peer pressure. Shrink hypnosis? That only works if you actually want help yourself. The appeal of this in pornography is for the viewer to somehow lose the responsibility for engaging in it, a form to take the blame off himself. Pedophilia - I believe the act of being attracted to children is centered around the problem of self-esteem as described above - it's why there's been such a massive spike of it in recent years. Basically, when engaging in sex with young children, expectations of size and performance matter nothing - they are all side-skipped. In a way, pedophiles are men without any self-esteem who have simply fallen back to abusing children instead - kinda like a high-school kid that picks on pre-schoolers. Rape - As described above, Rape is, while closer to man's natural instinct, also somewhat based on a desire to sidestep the many hurdles of sex and sexual self-esteem the media imposes on men today. Lesbian Pornography - Basically a way for man to remotely engage in autogynephilia. You get your brain constantly rewarded for what it recognizes as female pleasure sources. Scat/Gore/Other Disgusting Shit - Focusing pleasure in an act other than actual penetration is a manner of sidestepping sexual self esteem issues, unless of course there's also submission involved, which is common. Some other Shit - I can't possibly cover all fetishes in the planet, but you have to realize that most of them are in some way imbued in these two, main issues: The miswire of the brain's pleasure centers and the current self-esteem issues imbued in men by the media. Furthermore, if you want to talk about something, do it the old fashioned way by opening up to people. Also, you look like an experienced nosurfer who lived before 2006. Can you share any tips?

  • Rebeca Flatley Reply

    I don't think you know what a psychopath is. They don't just lack empathy, they're also extremely violent and aggressive. >--No empathy/love or another human being. I have no idea what love is or what it feels like. Do I love my parents? I have no idea. I like having them around but I'm not sure if it's love that I feel and that scares me. This is the only psychopathic trait on your list but it could also indicate sociopathy or narcissism. >--I tried voluntarily checking myself into a psych ward on Monday for suicidal thoughts. Once they put the hospital clothes on me I freaked out. I don't like short-sleeves. I always wear a long-sleeved tee or sweater because I don't like showing off my arm hair. It isn't normal for someone my age to have arm hair. I talked to the psychiatrist and essentially lied to her out of fear and she believed me. I can't say that I like to lie. It was necessary, though. Completely unrelated to psychopathy. You were self-conscious about arm hair (I hate mine too) and lied about something even though you dislike lying. > --I love putting cigarettes on my arms to numb everything. That's where the long-sleeved shirts come in, too. I have large bulbous pus-filled bubbles where I extinguished my cigs. I can't say that I like self-harm or that it helps me but I do it whenever I get incredibly frustrated or depressed. Self-harm is not a psychopathic trait unless they're doing it to manipulate others which isn't your motive. >--When I was six years old I was a Boy Scout. I got a pocket knife as a gift. My uncle asked me what I was going to do with it and I jokingly said, "Kill people!" The knife was taken away. That's not something a normal child says even jokingly. Little kids joke about stupid edgy shit all the time. >--I suffered a pretty bad bump on the head when I was a kid. Most clinical psychopaths also suffered from head trauma when they were young. I don't know if that means anything. All kids everywhere run around, do dumb shit, climb shit, jump off of shit and most of them will bang their head pretty bad at least once. >--I have a sexual fetish that, while completely legal, can absolutely be considered bizarre to every person in this world who doesn't have it. So it doesn't involve children, is consensual and does not involve harming others? I fail to see the problem and most men have fetishes. Look at how many genres of porn there are. >--I can't make eye contact because that means someone is looking at my face and I don't want to put that burden on someone. They shouldn't have to look at me and I feel so bad when they are forced to. It's so sad that they have to look at a repulsive monster like me. So you're unattractive and self-conscious about it. Not psychopathic. >--I have no friends. I joined MeetUp to try to find some people, though. The thing that scares me the most is if I'm joining the groups to actually meet a friend or just joining because there is a chance that a girl might be there that I will hit it off with. This isn't normal. Normal people don't put that first. Most guys who have been single for long enough prioritize finding a girlfriend over most other things. >--I have been obsessed with the idea of threesomes for about a year and a half. It's all I think of. Threesomes, my eating disorder, and my ugliness occupy my mind every day. It's just the idea that there can be a man that is so attractive two women would agree to have sex with him at the same time. It makes me sad, jealous, and a bit angry to be honest. I can't even accidentally make eye-contact with a woman without her turning away or openly scowling at me. I guess it's just the idea that a man could be so incredibly desired while I am on the opposite side of that spectrum. But yeah, it's all I think about. I see attractive men and say, "Yeah, I'm sure he's had a threesome. All good-looking guys have had at least one threesome." Slightly strange obsession but not psychopathic >--I have an eating disorder that developed after losing 60 pounds. I realized that being thin didn't help me look any better. I want to be fat again because at least I was happy but there is a mental barrier holding me back from gaining weight and it fucking kills me. I just want to be normal. I don't know what to do. Nothing to do with psychopathy. While I wouldn't rule out sociopathy or narcissism, you're not a psychopath. More than anything you sound like a depressed empath.

  • Ila Roob Reply

    People talk about sex all the time because humans remain sexual creatures even outside of private sexual experiences. Humans continue to have genitals at all times, of course, and sexual thoughts, memories or anticipations of future sexual encounters, and the sexualization of apparently non-sexual situations all occur all the time. Sex is an overwhelming concept. If you're struggling with personal-existential issues, you must realize that to choose to live is to choose to live in an environment. The late stage of this game means that it is impossible to outrun the global system which has existed since before we were born. So, there must be some sort of acceptance that it is worth it to accept the risk of living in the only world in which it is possible to live. Another thing it is important to understand is that people make jokes about things which make them uncomfortable, and some people find it funny to make other people uncomfortable. It is true that this is often wrapped up in privilege, since some random man may make a sexist remark which could be devastating but which he would forgot in a cavalcade of such behavior. The privilege lies in not having to deal with the consequences of sexual violence, of violent sexuality. At the same time, you also can't say sexual violence is only one way. Male-male and female on male violence are also important and get played out in these online jokes as well. As for generalities, same deal. It's just a product of our history. Yeah, seriously, no one has figured out how to get us to a better level. We're still stuck fighting over imaginary borders, imaginary genders, imaginary money, imaginary nations, imaginary identities. It's seriously that warped and it's a huge problem because there are 7 billion people and every day time is passing and... So yeah. I mean, have you considered that it's not possible to get rid of anxiety? I think the most important thing is good companionship. You need to find someone you can talk to about the things that really get your goat. Even though you are overwhelmed, try to see if there is any aspect of your pride which is causing you to hold something back, to feel like you can't bear to share it. If you know someone who is a good person and you trust them, just let them know you have something really strange/odd/embarrassing/bad/whatever to tell them, and let them know you are really worried. Then tell them. The times I have done this have been very transformative for me and I have often cried. It is embarrassing to lose control but it's also powerful to really get something off your chest. If you don't have anyone to talk to, try to create something, write something. Back to people at large. We can't just stop talking about race because "Race" is real even though human races are not. Just as the borders between countries are not "real" except insofar as they are agreed upon and enforced by human action, "Race" exists because it is performed and policed every instant around the globe. Are we all people? Yes. That is very important. Some important stuff is not people, of course- the planet, other living things. But people are different too, and it's important to be specific about what you mean when you say we're all people, what that means and what it doesn't. We can make some statements based on our scientific vocabulary, etc., but we can't just say what it means to be a human being, since human beings experience themselves differently. Stereotypes exist because of the jokes and uncomfortable things thing. These jokes can be hurtful or self-deprecating, so I don't think you can generalize against them. Most people writing on the internet are just repeating a joke they heard somewhere else, it's really not that everyone is so bad it's just that everyone is bored and there is no world-historical project in the cards. The stereotypes we all know today are just the product of imperial propaganda getting turned into mass marketing. Most of these are not really worth discussing, but some people like to make jokes about them. We take them seriously because they're connected to real IRL struggles between groups of people going back hundreds or thousands of years. So in the long term the solution is the mobilization of poles of congregation that can reorganize social space. These poles will be not only different but antagonistic to each other. The status quo is just one of these poles right now, or several of them which stabilize in concert. But this dark force, these petty racists, they are not all-powerful... these same people are the powerless extras in disaster movies, getting cheap kicks off traumatizing people while their masters plot the next product, the next trade deal, the next war. As far as reddit, just go to sub where people don't talk like that. maybe you can get language filters for your browser that will eliminate words you don't want to see entirely. That way you don't have to feel excluded from the other content on the site. I think friends are way more important than boards though. Do people make internet friends? Maybe you will find a poster you like somewhere and you can keep in touch? Knowing someone irl is optimal but sometimes that's impossible. I don't mean to be presumptuous, but I've also made the mistake of being too proud to talk to some people because I didn't think they were good enough. In the end I wished I had been friends with them because they went on to do really cool things, and I've seen my other relationships deepen if I take a shot and open up. So if there's anyone you would trust but you think is lame or you have a grudge against them, etc., and you don't have another option, I would bite the bullet and give that person (another) shot because people will surprise you. Again I emphasize trust is the criterion, someone you can trust to be emotionally sensitive, someone you feel physically secure with, to listen to you, not to get really mad if you say beforehand you are really worried, etc. The other thing about the internet being so overexposed is that people deal with their personal shit on the internet all the time. It's kind of amazing. So maybe what you're going through has been discussed on a thread. Try searching for discussion on specific topics, you're also less likely to see sexist spam in that kind of thread I'd hope since the mods would delete it. Maybe I'm being unrealistic here but I don't know. People get mad at feminists because they're sexist and because feminism is not infallible. Anti-oppression usually lapses into essentialism which doesn't help the cause. As though patriarchy was the fault of penises or white supremacy the fault of melanin. When you get people saying "all white people are racist," without being able to intellectually back up their statement, they are making a fool of themselves. The only way this statement can be accurate is to use "white" as a word not only for skin color but for the historical regime of whiteness and white supremacy. But to make that point takes more than that, and a better slogan would be "whiteness is racist," or "whiteness = white supremacy." Arguments of this form happen all the time. "Men" do this and "white men" do that. As though it's okay to generalize about bad people but not the victimized people. It's not okay to generalize about anyone and expect to be taken intellectually seriously. You can joke about it, laugh with your friends about whatever you want- that doesn't hurt anyone. But if you're trying to make a serious point and advance the cause of justice in human history or whatever the hell, then it's simply not tenable to speak in such generalities unless you're coming with some data you are using to back up your claim. It's also not helpful to use social justice as a cudgel just to get revenge on the privileged. I have seen so many oppressed people who get it in their head that cynically using social justice language to enhance their prestige and dominate privileged people socially is actually liberatory since it's helping get power back to oppressed groups, of which they are a part. This is just crass neoliberal individualism sneaking in through the back door, leading to the monetization and opportunism in social justice work, which kills its very moral superiority which is what made it worth listening to in the first place. Note I'm not againt social justice, and I would never say social justice warrior except to talk about it as a phrase and how terrible it is. But I wanted to respond to your questions. Hope you found this interesting, wasn't trying to knock you down and think you're definitely on the right track, just stay curious and know that sometimes there are reasons for things you don't get. They make sense because of historical causation, this racist drivel is just one part of the pseudo-culture we're fed to prevent us from trying to change things. It's definitely frustrating to read a bunch of garbage, but just try passing over it, it's not like you have to read it. Maybe you can take some power back and just accept that there are a lot of immature and repulsive people out there. The world is dangerous, and I'm sorry about that :( I hope you can feel better, find a track that you're eager to pursue, and also companions who value you for the reasons you value yourself. Good luck!

  • Ella Grimes Reply

    It would be gotcha if Johnson was asked what his favorite modern day young jazz musician is. This is entirely irrelevant to his position he is seeking. Anybody seriously running for president, and ready to be president on day one, should know their foreign counterparts by now. They should have some intellectual curiosity about the world and have formed some global insights. And you can hardly even call Stein's situation a gotcha moment. She had all the time in the world to tweet that response and she failed to understand what a global leader was in this context.

  • Kenny Rodriguez Reply

    I mean at least this one is accurate lmao

  • Constance Hand Reply

    [Here is the twitter profile]( for the black drummer he was drop kicking in earlier seasons. He appears to actually be a musician and until his most recent tweet didn't make any references to the show.

  • Wilfrid Funk Reply

    > Thank Bill and Hillary Clinton for that. Yeah, no. [Republican Nelson Rockefeller]( started the process of creating the Prison Industrial Complex in 1973 when he put New York State on the path to mandatory life sentences for drug dealers. The Rockefeller drug laws forbade plea bargaining, and even put juvenile offenders in prison for life. This occurred long before President Clinton held elected office. While both parties played a role in this, including Tip O'Neill in 1986 and Governor Mario Cuomo, it was because of the strain placed on New York's prison system by mandatory and harsh sentencing targeting minorities for drug crimes. Cuomo was forced to build additional prisons to house the influx of drug-related offenders. So much so that ultimately the state could no longer afford to operate these prisons at such cost. Can you guess what happened next? So please, let's stop trying to lay all of this at the feet of the Clintons out of personal animus, or because you're a Spicy Boi. Have some integrity and be honest about this instead of having diarrhea of the mouth.

  • Jacinto Klein Reply

    I mean, it's still factually accurate.

  • Derek Hintz Reply

  • Wilfred Connelly Reply

    do u mean accurate

  • Una Marquardt Reply

    >*I think of myself as very laid back and let 'little things slide', whereas she is much more formal and insists that people around her correct their behaviour if she feels wronged. This is clearly not true. I mean, it's true in the sense that you think of yourself that way but it's not an honest or accurate assessment. >*These things tend to blow up, if I put my foot down after too many allowances, I guess to her it feels like I'm randomly lashing out at her. This is a shitty way to handle conflict. >*I had just started therapy and clonazopan the day before. Stop using mental illness as an excuse. >After the party: >*I was genuinely sorry about what happened and tried to make things right. She said she accepted my apology that and told me that while she was shaken up by what happened, we were still friends. >* Now it's not like she said it out of exasperation, we were talking on the phone and it felt we'd made progress. >* This is what made the subsequent ghosting feel very weird, because I felt we have talked about this and she specifically told me things were okay, and that she understood my condition. Did she also tell you in this conversation that she wanted space? >* It is then fair, to say okay I accept your apology, we're friends, I understand depression, and then go on to ghost that person? Clingy, self-absorbed, rude or whatever I may be, that's not cool. No one owes you attention. >* she also said I had to sort my feelings, because she felt specifically targetted by me, in that I don't really argue or fight with anyone else. Which is true, but then again things never get heated with others. You've written the last sentence here as if it doesn't agree with what you said she said. It is exactly what you said she said. What are you hoping we'll infer? >* The love actually things was a response to that. Yes, still very unnecessary, and still very creepy, it will haunt my forever. Was a response to what? I think the Love, Actually thing is actually okay since you seem to realise it was weird. This is your main issue btw, not that you do weird or hurtful things but that you refuse to take responsibly for them. >* the reaching out was about once in a month, asking if she wanted to hang out, not a constant stream of "talk to mee!!". Once a month is still kinda a lot in this situation. >*Gap between the unfriending and her discovering it: 4 months+ Relevance? The thing about pets is babble and I don't understand what the point of it is which is why I didn't address it.

  • Titus Hackett Reply

    Here is the article describing what "spicy boi" means and where it originated:

  • Tom Ritchie Reply

    > who abuse access to personal (sexual or provocative) images Hahahahhahahaha. You crack me up mate. Getting a photo sent to my phone is abuse of my access? maaaate. >Eg; stolen for example... example, stolen for example? Come off it mate. You and I both know that it isn't "medical" nudes. It's sluts trying to act sexy to get the D of men way out of their league. They're not stolen, they're freely given. > been involved in university studies on gender imbalance... Holy fucking shit. Jackpot. This is gold. You've actually been involved in that shit? Don't tell me you actually paid to """learn""" about the """""gender imbalance""""". This is just too much. /gonewild... hahahahaha, a bunch of average women whoring themselves for attention. Be careful of what images you save there mate. You may re-upload them somewhere and get sued when the slut regrets what she's done a few years later and accuses you of "revenge porn". Here's the problem: Women are incredibly emotional creatures, who crave attention about as much as men crave sex. If they don't have a woman, men will go look at porn to satisfy their urges. Likewise, if they don't have a man, women will try to get attention mostly by online dating, and if that doesn't work, by naked pictures. Later on, they realise that there are negative repercussions of being a digital whore, especially when they get noticed and word spreads to family and workplace. Even avoiding all that: just as men get accustomed to pornography based fake reality and can't appreciate a real woman, women get accustomed to a very overly inflated ego from all the attention that they can't settle for any one guy either. Why would they when there's an army of thousands of boys waiting to give her attention? Men have the luxury of time to get over their porn addiction, for women however, it is a steady decline after they reach the age of 21, and the attention drops off completely past 30, by that time they realise that time's running out and they need to act fast, but it's too late (where have all the good men gone), and they ultimately either are forced to "settle", or grow up old and depressed dreaming of "the good old days". Now that's really sad. When they start doing this (being a slut) in the real world it's a sort of "cheating", similar to loser men going to a brother and paying for sex. It may get you sex, but it's not a relationship. The women in those sub-reddits you mention are not "empowered" by any stretch of the imagination. Contrary to what you may think, it's incredibly easy to just post pictures of yourself online to get the attention of men if you are young, have a vagina, and aren't obese. It's hard to instead realise that it is just **fake** attention, and instead work on yourself to draw real attention by way of virtue, good character and keeping fit and clean. A lazy woman will sit there growing fat and unkempt, using nudes to gain attention when the need arises. An "empowered" woman will get her arse in the gym, and use her natural good looks to court healthy attention. Lazy, fat, slutty women can't stand the competition and want to bring other women down to their level by making what they're doing socially acceptable. Who can judge them as whores if every other girl is doing the same thing? And when that happens it becomes even harder to find a decent woman who would be a good mother to our children (having kids is what femininity is all about, remember), and there's more competition amongst men to find such a creature. This is one of the main reasons behind all the men you see with Asian women on their arms. This legislation is further push down that path of wanton whoredom: a push to make girls sharing pictures their twat a socially acceptable thing to do so that they can get their fix (of attention) without feeling bad about it. >That is still a separate issue to some **hard-up** man-boy who can't grow up and show some respect to others by not sharing pictures without authority to share. You're right mate, it is hard and up when it needs to be, wouldn't limp and down have been a better insult? As for "authority", well I have the authority do as I damn well please with photos that get sent to me as a gift. To hell with the slut's feeelings of regret.

  • Maud Bogisich Reply

    It looks like 4chan and ifunny organized a raid to spam Hillary Clinton social media pages with "spicy boi" comments.

  • Madisyn Gottlieb Reply

    Dude you just named completely standard things for a musician to do. -make music -perform well (he wouldn't be successful if he didn't do this) -stay for VIP meet and greet (it's $150+, he better fucking stay and say hi) -putting out music because his fans want it ( that's how musical artists earn money) -appreciation tweet about his album success (literally who doesn't do this) He has done some shitty things including -kicking a camera man in the face -stealing music from his peers -canceling shows on extremely short notice

  • Fannie Stark Reply

    Here he is in this clip praising BABYMETAL: He also praised them in a tweet last year after Yokohama Arena: He is a musician and has written songs for many big names:

  • Melvin Ortiz Reply

    I don't understand people like this. Like, what were you expecting? This reminds me of that Tweet Liam Retweeted about that guy calling the musician ungrateful or something.

  • Missouri Lemke Reply

    The guy who wrote this tweet is a musician. He's pretty good too. Check him out.

  • Madeline Auer Reply

    Nah, growing up in the '70s was way better (IMHO) than it is now. I've raised two daughters during the '90s and '00s. Sure you have the interwebs and so-called "smart" phones now, but most kids today haven't got a clue about climbing trees, building forts in the woods, riding bikes, or finding a magical stash of old porn mags. It meant a lot more back then to see that magical triangle that is shaved off now. First of all it was always saved for last in the Playboy photo shoots. The first few pics were of the Playmate's tits in various coy poses, and then you finally got to see her in all her glory. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie, the occasional Hustler or other lower class magazine showed you more detail, and we were always happy to see the almost mythical lady sphincter, but porn on the web just lacks a certain quality the '70s and '80s stuff had. Can't put my finger on it (or in it), but it's just something that's lacking today. Internet porn lets you spend hours looking at just about anything you can imagine, but there are a couple of downsides the way I see things: You tend to get oversaturated with the ease of it all. A non-stop stream of porn (after a few years of it at least!) doesn't have that same quality of rarity the hard to come by porno mag used to. Now it's nothing special. Back then it was something you kept hidden not just from your mom, but stashed away so only you and your buddies had access to it in the treehouse, or hidden in a plastic bag in the tool shed. Today's porn is so predictable it's literally anti-climactic; it's difficult to even get aroused by what used to be amazing. It all follows a formula. It's all so unimaginative. Today's porn (again, IMHO) seems to have instilled some really disturbing "norms" for young people. It seems really abusive even in "mild" videos. It's rarely about women enjoying themselves at all, something that used to at least comprise SOME significant portion of any scene in what we then used to call "X-rated" movies. Now *AT THE VERY LEAST* it's all about some guy blowing a load all over a woman's face. I'm not even sure where that ridiculous shit started, but it was pretty unseen back in the day; I mean it was in the occasional porn movie, but it wasn't in EVERY goddamned scene. Now porn isn't considered "complete" unless some guy has splattered cum all over a chick's face (or tits - what the fuck is that supposed to do for anyone?). One of the biggies is ATM and it's usually accompanied by a title and comments designed to enforce a really demeaning perspective. Things are said in videos like, "*Take it all, bitch*", and, "*Suck that ass juice off my dick*", and, "You're a dirty little whore, aren't you?" And what the absolute fuck is with all the goddamned nasty spitting?! I see that shit all the time in today's porn. People using not just regular saliva for "lube", but fucking puckering up and spitting on whatever they're working on. I've even seen videos where, for whatever fucked up reason, right in the middle of shit one person will drool into another person's mouth! WHAT THE ABSOLUTE FUCK?! That's when I know I'm not of the same generation. When kids are growing up expecting that blowing a load in a girl's face is the normal way all sex should "end". When all kids do all day is stare at their fucking phones, listen to SERIOUSLY meaningless bullshit "music" that only glorifies violence and conspicuous consumption, and communicate by fucking emojies. When your average young adult couldn't give two shits about where, when, or what anything that isn't a Kardashian is happening in the world. When our society has become so dependent on being spoon fed substitutes for life skills (learning how to do things by hand), spoon fed "news", and spoon fed pop trends by which to judge others. That's when I look back and realize how goddamned wonderful it was growing up in a simpler time. I enjoy a lot of modern things. I'm doing my old man complaining on fucking Reddit, after all! But I'm constantly shaking my head at shit I see, hear, learn and miss in today's youth. I realize that every generation likely experiences this to a certain extent, but I think it's been compounded exponentially in the last generation or so. Here, let me sum it up with what "today" has taught me: "Meh"

  • Courtney Bailey Reply

    you mean flawhud? it's space background is more accurate

  • Milton Trantow Reply

    [Tweet from a japanese musician?](

  • Calista Larkin Reply

    >When a therapist friend told Allison Havey that her then 13-year-old son was almost certainly viewing online pornography, she felt angry. *“I was offended because I thought, why would he be doing that?* **It’s deviant behaviour and he’s not deviant.**” Maybe, watching porn isn't actually deviant behavior... nah, of course it is. Even though this kid who isn't a deviant is doing it. > By normalising such things, pornography could be conditioning boys to have unrealistic expectations of the women with whom they will have sex. Yeah god forbid a guy have a preference about how a girl looks. And is this woman implying blow jobs are not enjoyable for women to give? Because as a gay man, my favorite sexual act is *giving* a blowjob. It gets me going far more than anything else. > It’s not only the images. The language on pornographic sites is very particular too: verbs such as “nailed”, “hammered”, “screwed”, “pummelled”. > “Anyone would think it was an advert for a DIY store,” says Allison. She's joking right? Who would think that on a porn site? Is she that naive and prudish? > According to a 2014 IPPR study, 77% of young women say that they feel pornography pressurises girls or young women to look a certain way and 75% say it has led them to act in a certain way. That's their problem. Ask them about magazines, movies, tv, etc. Hell ask them about how their peers act and see how they *feel* about that. Where's a study to show how boys expect girls to be based on their experience with porn. > But the truth is that anal sex is a sophisticated, intimate act, not something 14-year-olds should be regarding as ‘normal’ teen behaviour,” Well if they already view sex as normal for TEEN behavior they are already far down the rabbit hole. I wasn't having sex at 14, and I didn't want to either. I certainly didn't think it was normal for my age group to be having sex either. But I do watch porn, so I'm a deviant~ > “We have spoken to teenage girls who describe their guy friends as real Casanovas, collecting girlfriends like stamps and loudly bragging,” What age range, because at a certain range being a "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" is meaningless. You don't even do anything together. You just call each other it at school. You don't go on dates. You don't have romantic moments. Nothing. And not all kids are just randomly fucking each other. > “What’s almost always missing are the very things a real relationship thrives on: kisses, hugs and sensuality.” The fuck kind of kinky porn are these people watching? I see that in most of my porn. Maybe face a mirror lady. Also, this all stems under teaching your kid the difference between fantasy and reality. And that's not hard at all. It applies directly into porn. I never thought porn was the same as real life, particularly professional porn. Wonky amateur porn you find is real, and it's obviously real because it's far more awkward most of the time. No handy camera transitions to skip putting on the condom or lube, no camera man to pan around. None of that shit. Just plowing away. > “We say, if you want to have a great sex life, follow the age-old formula,” says Allison. “What you need to do is talk to girls, if you’re going to find out what you both want. We tell them, you need to think about three things – the three things any good sexual relationship is based on. Friendship, romance and intimacy.” She needs to fuck right off. Not everyone has those standards for what they want out of their sexual relationships. A lot of people don't want those things at all, so they have casual sex for the pleasure of it. And if prostitution was legal, they could just cut to the chase and not potentially get someone's emotions involved with it. I'm all about "friendship, romance, and intimacy". But fuck you lady. Who are you to tell everyone else what their sex lives have to be about? You only get to decide that for you.

  • Mylene Wilkinson Reply

    That's the most fucked up part. The age of consent in most of America is 16. 31 out of 50 states set the limit at 16. Some states have close in age laws. But even in some of those states the close in age refers to someone who can be 14 years older. In many states you can actually get married below the age of 16. I went to junior high with this girl (in Texas) who dropped out of school in eighth grade because she wanted to be a stay at home mom and her parents let her marry a 26 year old on her 14th birthday. Note: the law has been changed since then to 16. But back in 1993 when I was in eighth grade it was 14, and this girl dropped out of school to be homeschooled (officially) but really she made it clear to everyone in class she was going to marry her 26 year old boyfriend and try to have babies right away. I'm not going to weigh in on the merits of states rights or even whether I think the age of consent should be higher or lower than what it is. But for fucking shit...can we either raise the age of consent to match the child porn laws or lower the age of what is considered child porn so they at least match?!? Like I got really into this when Jared Figle got arrested for child porn. Because as u was reading news articles trying to find out how the cops got tipped off I was blown away to find out it basically all started because he started telling a female disc jockey how he was really into young girls and he told her he went to Nee York to have sex with a sixteen year old. But the article mentioned that he had also said he had sex with 16 year olds in Illinois where he's from. So I looked it up and sure enough, if Jared had stayed home instead of going to New York he could have been banging 16 year olds all day long and no one could have said shit. But he went to New York where that's totally illegal. And so that got the authorities to start looking at Jared and in looking at him they figured out the charity partner guy had child porn and so the got warrants to look at Jared's computers and of course the rest is history. But one thing they were trying to determine was if Jared made child porn with any of the sixteen year olds he had sex with in Illinois. So the state was in a position where they had to sit there and do nothing with a growb man shtooping 16 year olds...bust if they found a single photo they were going to through the book at him firmanufacturubg child porn. I don't care about Jared, but the logic of these laws makes no sense. I'm a 36 year old. I'm not about to go after some high school aged girl even if it was legal. So I don't care if we raise the age of consent OR if we decide 18 is to ridiculous for child porn and drop it to 16. But for the love of god just for logical consistency can we get the age of consent to match what we consider to be child porn?

  • Deion Mayer Reply

  • Palma Hessel Reply

    It's wed so I I'm going to whine about the lack of personal life content . I give snitz major credit for sharing the drama about his crazy daughters. I totally wouldn't expect that from him. Other than that either nobody has a life anymore or they just aren't being open. The personal real life drama was what got me so intrested in rmg to start with. Jefferys wife on plenty of fish was great ,one of the most exciting times. Charlie amd Mads both got out of their league girlfriends . Dujis life just sucks and is boring as hell I don't give to shits what gee gee did last night or said the other day. Rover is the most boring dude ever. Has trouble sleeping because he naps ,whacks off to Internet porn eats non processed for a week gets the shits and orders his young soon to be tan mom look a like girl friend around like a slave. Dieter pretends to smash a bunch of chubby girl vag but has the same girl friend for the last 15 years . Way past his prime. It's not really the main job of snitzz to talk but I give him credit hopefully he keeps it up. Then we have slow adult jeffery who accually does stuff but lies about it or refuses to talk about it . I wish he would tell us more of the strange stuff his wife does . Maybe it will be more intresting once nadz get off papers . Not that I hope for failure from him. I just think with his attitude toward sobriety he will start drinking the moment he can and will progress from there. They need to open up it would be more intresting then the fucking peice of shit hookup that only creepy old man rover likes .

  • Gregory Champlin Reply

    Essssssh. Spanner in the works there. I completely understand why you'd hate the therapy answer. It doesn't make it easy when you have the history that you do with it and I appreciate your feelings on it. Thank you for sharing that with us - it helps to make the advice accurate. Perhaps you'd like to put it in the OP for future commentors just so you don't get 9000 comments saying just "therapy. Now." Also, for this comment, please understand that I'm just a stranger on the internet and I don't know you, your history, or your family. My opinion means as little or as much as *you* want it to and you are in no way bound to even respond to me never mind go through with my suggestion. But I genuinely feel like therapy is the only way to get through something like this or at the very least (like, last chance saloon), a close friend with some experience with stuff like this. What you went through is obviously extremely distressing and hurtful to your very core and I empathise you with you so much. But it's now not just affecting you - your child (genetics be damned) is hurting and demanding to be told the truth, and your husband is left divided between you. You need someone who is a neutral third party to give you advice, guide you through this, and help your family too. Your son is aware that he is different and I want to just remind you that he could possibly figure it out *whether you tell him or not*. In six years, he could do a DNA test of his own between you and realise that you share a different relationship than mother and son. While it's difficult to determine samples, it's not totally impossible, and DNA tests improve with the more people he takes samples from. What I mean is, while you may not want to tell (and that is 100% your right and your decision as his parent), once he is an adult, he may find out by himself anyway. He could find out through a third party or court records or any other method that people have at their disposal and *you have no control over it*. If you tell him yourself or through a therapist, you can control this distribution of information and make sure he truly understands so he doesn't get the wrong end of the stick/see the truth with no context. While there's no way to accurately and 100% prevent you from getting a bad one, there *are* ways to vet a therapist before and after you walk in the door. - Looking for reviews online (forums, review sites). - Looking for therapists who specialise in trauma, family situations, PTSD, etc so they are MORE trained in this area and have more knowledge, information, and techniques to help you out. - Visiting before hand to look at the office, to meet with people, getting to see it first without the pressure of immediately going through. Even just being able to see the front door and find your way can help. - Asking for accommodations such as leaving doors open, therapist not wearing a suit/business dress, being able to attend the first session with your partner (or indeed, several sessions), so you don't feel alone. - Seeing if the therapist will do Skype or phone sessions as well as in person, and home visits, too. Being able to speak with someone in your own home, where you feel safe and it's familiar, can give you strength and more courage than a strange office and uncomfortable furniture. - Asking for a 'introduction' session to see if you're comfortable and if you gel with the therapist - a good therapist will want to make sure that you and they can work together. - Writing down your fears and questions and asking the therapist directly. I did this. My dad died when I was 18, I had a not a great childhood and teenage years, therapy is terrifying and I hate talking. I wrote shit down and they addressed them one by one, even the stupid ones like, "I need you to articulate your face (and therefore emotions/feelings/etc) to me because I can't read your expressions." She agreed and it made life so much easier than me worrying about, "what does she really think? Is that frustration? Is she angry with me? I CAN'T TELL." A good therapist will also lay out terms and conditions, make sure you know of your right to cancel, not make you sign up to extra sessions before you are ready, and they won't want you to commit to stuff you can't handle. They won't want you to feel unhappy or stressed or terrified of coming. A good therapist will want to work *with* you, not against you. I know none of this helps the fact that you had a shitty therapist who hurt you when you were in a very vulnerable place and made you feel like you can't reach out any more. I am so sorry that you had an awful experience and I want you to know it is not normal and what you went through was definitely not how you should have been treated. I know it's not going to make it okay and frankly, nothing will change the past. I am unbelievably angry on your behalf and I am so sorry it happened to you. I completely understand you want nothing to do with the profession or anything else now. But I can tell you a good therapist changes a lot. I spent most of my sessions talking - just working through my problems in my own head - and they just channelled the conversation, guiding me towards things but not forcing me to see them. I processed things for the first time since I was 7, I made connections, I acknowledged things I hadn't want to for a long long long time. While it does not compare to yours, it did screw me up a shitton, so you know, they can help with untangling decades old knots. A good therapist is good at their jobs. They are good with doing what *you* want, not what they think you need. Even if you don't want to answer their questions, even if you want this to stay buried and to never see the light of day again, *a therapist will help with that*. They can help you share that information in a way that is meaningful and reasonable to your partner and child. They can help you to explain that it is *too* painful and *something you are okay not talking about for the rest of your life.* They do that, too. Otherwise, all I can suggest is journalling (in a secure journal, internet location, somewhere where nobody will find it), or talking to friends, writing it on sand at the beach just before high tide, something where you get it out of you and onto something physical. Burn it, bin it, let the water take it. Expressing yourself won't stop it from happening in the past but it could help you to figure out how you want to approach this. Bundling it all up inside won't help - it'll only come out in another way - anger, frustration, depression, anxiety.

  • Quentin Feeney Reply

    More accurate, you mean! *sips purple Kool aid*

  • Annette Becker Reply

    I mean the whole post was a joke anyway. It didn't need to be 100% accurate.

  • Ettie Friesen Reply

    What is your opinion on my sound collage piece? I'll also let you know that there is no point where audio is being played back exactly as it is in the films, I layer dialogue with ambient soundscapes generated from the soundtracks of other kids movies. This is *undeniably* a new piece of work, but copyright law still prevents it. Because of copyright law, The Avalanches had to strip down many of the tracks on their album "Since I Left You" for the vinyl reissue, including bringing in voice actors to rerecord the voices on "Frontier Psychiatrist". I am obviously against redistributing art and claiming it to be your own, but copyright law currently protects against way too much.

  • Aliya Mertz Reply

    Does that mean the Suffolk poll is more accurate?

  • Ova Mills Reply

    Hey all, we're stilling needing an addition 1-2 guys for our meetup in NC on May 14th! Check out our ad/post below and let us know if you think you fit the bill and would be able to make it. We'll need a pic of yourself and recent STD test results (no older than 2 months) within the next couple of weeks. PM if interested. **Us** We’re a couple in a long term relationship that have been expanding our sexual horizons of late and wish to continue to do so. We’re both kinky people and there’s little we haven’t tried sexually with each other. We love watching porn together ( is our favorite!), doing cam-shows together, and of course fucking! So far we’ve only had the chance to do the swinger thing once before; I shared her with two guys this past February in DC, and it was a blast! So we hope to not only do it again, but to really up the ante and find guys that aren’t afraid to treat her like a fuck-toy. **Her** She’s very petite (5 ft 1 in tall, and about 100 lbs) and young (and looks even younger, though we’ll let you dirty old men decide just how young), with coppery red hair, creamy fair skin, and the perkiest c-cup tits you’ve ever seen, plus an ass you won’t believe could be on such a tiny little girl! [IMGUR ALBUM OF HER/US]( If I had to compare her to a celebrity I’d go with Amy Adams, and she falls somewhere on the pornstar spectrum between Katie St. Ives and Lexi Belle. Her tastes tend to lean heavily toward submissiveness and degradation, with a touch of age play. Ideally she wants a group of older men to tie her up, grope, molest, and basically use her like a teenage fuck-doll. Her favorite porn comes from sites like and, to give you an idea of the level of hardcore my little slut craves. **Where** We're planning to do this at the beach in NC. We already have a room rented and we’ll want to meet up with the group beforehand, probably the afternoon of, for a couple of drinks so everyone can get acquainted and relaxed. We will have rented a nearby hotel that we can all head to when things start to get explicit. **When** Most likely we will want to do this sometime in late April or early May of this year on a Saturday. **Who** If you’re a man in your late 20s - 50s, are in decent to awesome shape (no beer guts please), have a very perverted mind and have fantasized about having your way with a young submissive girl, we WANT YOU to contact us! Having a well developed upper body is a plus since she loves being tossed around and manhandled like tiny a sex doll. If you have some experience with gangbangs, group sex, wife-sharing, dominating, etc. this is also a huge bonus! Must also be ok with working with a small group of guys. We’re not looking for a gay or bi-male experience, but you must be comfortable being around other naked dudes...It is a gangbang after all. **How** She wants very little say in what she does or what is done to her. This is a true submissive fantasy of hers, so keep that in mind. She may look like a pretty little princess, but she needs to be treated like a dirty fuck-slut. As for boundaries and limits during the actual meetup. **DOs** * Kissing * Groping * Fingering (ass, pussy) * Oral (cock, pussy, analingus) * Facefucking, gagging, etc * Pussy fucking * Anal * DP (pussy, ass) * Slapping * Spanking * Spitting * Choking * Name calling, degrading talk, and age-play - Calling her a dirty girl, daddy’s little whore, tight little fuck-doll, etc. Making her beg you for cock, cum, etc. * Flashing and public play - If we end up meeting some of you out for a drink, feel free to request that she do something dirty in public (flash someone, take off her panties, etc.). **DON'Ts** * Nothing that will leave a permanent mark (no welts, cuts, or bruises) * No piss or scat * No double vaginal & double anal penetration. * No ATM (ass to mouth) * Also, just to be clear, I (the BF) am NOT a cuckold, and will participate in the gangbanging. ;-) *Communication is key! If you send us a message that only says “I wanna fuck!” or is just a dick pic...we will not respond.* If you send us a well written message that responds to the important points we’ve hit above, then you will definitely hear back from us! We’re looking forward to reading your messages!

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    The proliferation and increasingly hardcore nature of porn is the single greatest sexual-cultural development since the development of The Pill, and is responsible for more people fucking and having amazing wild sex than ever before. It helps increase the sluttiness of men and women, young and old all over North America, making it easier for everyone to get laid, and inspires people to get away from boring old vanilla sex by normalizing positions and activities other than missionary. Some people who already suffer from lack of self-esteem and social anxiety/awkwardness can totally get trapped in a world of porn, where they end up never leaving their basement, and spend their life fapping away, never actually encountering and engaging with women IRL. But that's absolutely NOT a foregone conclusion. Psychological research has failed to indicate ANY correlation with male porn viewers having more misogynistic or hateful views towards women. And just watching porn regularly doesn't automatically turn you into some socially stunted hermit who can't sexually interact with a real life woman. It is in fact possible for a young man to watch porn, and get INSPIRED to go out and go on a date with a real girl, or try to meet someone at a bar to have sex with. Not every viewer of porn ends up having their mind negatively warped to the extent that they can't have a healthy relationship with real life women, emotionally, psychologically, or sexually. It absolutely CAN have damaging effects if used in excess, like any substance. The pleasurable dopaminergic effects one experiences when watching porn are similar to the pleasurable feelings one gets from smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol or drinking Coca Cola or using cocaine or eating Big Macs or sugary junk food or playing video games. But addiction develops when people ABUSE these substances or activities. When they use them in EXCESS, resulting in CONSEQUENCES in their real, every day lives. That does not, however, mean that any people who use or engage in these acts will AUTOMATICALLY become addicted, or suffer any actual real life mental or physical consequences. Instead, THAT depends on the individual, their own personality, and how their brain chemistry works. Just because a tiny tiny subset of people who are predisposed to schizophrenia may find it triggered by marijuana use, doesn't mean that marijuana will cause mental illness or warp the minds of every casual user. Nor is every person who occasionally takes a hit destined to become a daily, chronic, pot head. Similarly, not every person who enjoys having a glass of wine with dinner is going to end up being an alcoholic. So no, in response to you and /u/Will0saurus above, just because porn *can* negatively affect some individuals who may already have mental or social deficiencies if consumed and abused in excess, that **doesn't** mean it's necessarily going to stunt the sexual or social development of every person who watches it, or turn them into misogynistic exploiters of women. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to have a nice long fap to a hardcore double anal gangbang, preferably featuring Adriana Chechik.

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    I mean her name is unhappy. Accurate.

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    PART 3 6/17 Me/my friends have never talked about these experiences with each other. NEVER! not since we were 12/13 years old. If you combine the facts that: 1. My first childhood sexual experience was at 8 years old, in a memory that I have long tried to erase 2. I had sexual experiences with boys (and girls as well) between the ages of 8 - 12 years old 3. I watched hardcore pornography with shemales for about 5 years of my life between the ages of 22 - 27 If you look at those 3 factors, this has caused me to seriously question my sexuality. With the childhood sexual experiences, I can kind of understand & rationalize that kids/teenagers experiment sexually with each other. As adults, we don't like to think that kids do these kind of things with other kids their own age, but I have a feeling that it's actually pretty normal. I guess it's a fact of life. At 5 or 6 years old I made out with a girl that was also 5 or 6 years old. Shit happens I guess - although I was I didn't have my first real sexual experience at 8 years old with my friend that was a boy and also 8 years old. I guess maybe I can understand/rationalize the shemale porn. It seems that everybody here on NOFAP talks about similar experiences, where we all start off watching very "normal" porn like a man and a women have missionary sex, and then everybody starts watching really disgusting types of porn 5 years later. However, despite me being able to rationalize #1/2/3, I still feel as though my manhood is broken. I still have this IRRATIONAL fear that people think I'm gay. After 5 years of hardcore shemale pornography, after having very young childhood sexual experiences with other boys I have this IRRATIONAL fear that I AM gay. Sometimes, I wish I was gay because then it would just be easier because shit man, gay people are actually treated pretty good now. But, I know I'm not gay. I might or might not like a real transsexual in real life someday. Transsexuals are more of an unkown. But with woman, I know that I find them attractive. If I can be honest with myself, I love everything about woman EXCEPT the vagina. I have never found the vagina to be attractive. I like to stick my penis in it, but a vagina to me is kind of ugly. I love breasts, I love ass, I like thighs, I love long hair and feminine features. But, the vagina is just something that I stick my penis in, if I'm honest. I wrote a lot man. I have no confidence at all with woman right now. I constantly fear that I might not be able to have good sex with them. I constantly fear that maybe my penis won't get hard during sex. Basically, in conclusion after everything that I just wrote, I'm telling you that hardcore shemale pornography has helped take away my manhood. I don't feel like a fucking man. I feel broken. I feel unworthy. I feel ashamed of my sexuality. What place does a man have in the world who isn't gay but at the same time is to scared of being with a real woman that it causes him to have anxiety?

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    I mean, this is accurate

  • April Torp Reply Deleted the tweet. Stupid bitch ass wannabe musician. Twitter shouldn't verify such retards.

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    I suggest you install a pornblocker called Qustodio. It will help with blocking all the sites that have porn/nsfw material. I'm not gonna lie, i wish i could give you a clear pattern of exactly what to do. But we're all different. One thing might work for this person and the other person might struggle. Know that you are the only person who can overcome this addiction. You are your own worst enemy and you're also the solution. I'm glad i never wen't to such extremes. Not trying to bring you down. But i was on the crossing line between "normal" porn and "very extreme" porn. Whenever i catch myself looking at weird stuff i say to myself "that's it! I'm fucking done!". Focus on today only. You can't quit an addiction without replacing it with healthy habits. Start working out. If you can't do anything, try to achieve 5 push ups. That's all. It might not seem like nothing has changed but what you have to realise monumental change starts with those little mundane tasks. Meditation, going outside for a walk, reading books, hang out with friends, etc. You think your porn addiction suddenly happened? With each session your perception of women and your sexuality has been morfed. By doing those little mundane tasks over and over again, you'll become a totally different person. Yesterday i experienced the worst day in a long time. The girl that i have this huge crush on was at my work place. She knows i like her and i know she likes me. Everything was perfect. We were totally alone and i had the opportunity to make my move. But you know what i did? I walked out of the door once my shift ended. I couldn't believe what i just did. I hurt her feelings and completely destroyed an opportunity. From yesterday on i promised myself to never ever let such an event happen again. It made me cry and i felt so emasculated. As i proceeded to watch my last porn session. Today i installed my pornblocker and threw away the password. I never ever want to experience that again. I'm 22 years old, i need to grow the fuck up. You're 17 years old! Stop fucking now while you still can! A year from now, you'll cry and thank yourself for having changed. No pain is worse than not growing and fixing your problems. Join me on this journey. Don't let your life be destroyed by porn. There is so much to experience. So much to enjoy. Be a man who can go up to any girl, enjoy her company, talk confidently, sleep with her. Go follow your dreams. You're young. It's never to late.

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    # Vishal Dadlani to SRK, Salman to Rajinikanth, no celeb spared for speaking their mind ___ *Before Vishal Dadlani, it was Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Irrfan and even Thalaiva Rajinikanth himself. Every time they spoke their mind on political issues, they were asked to shut up.* ___ [IMAGE 1]( | [IMAGE 2]( | [IMAGE 3]( | [IMAGE 4]( | [IMAGE 5]( | [IMAGE 6]( | [IMAGE 7]( | [IMAGE 8]( | [IMAGE 9]( | [IMAGE 10]( ___ Bollywood singer and vocal Aam Aadmi Party supporter Vishal Dadlani got into trouble on Twitter when he criticised the presence of Sri Tarun Sagar, a noted Jain monk, at the Haryana assembly, where he gave a 40-minute long speech in nude. Bollywood singer and vocal Aam Aadmi Party supporter Vishal Dadlani got into trouble on Twitter when he criticised the presence of Sri Tarun Sagar, a noted Jain monk, at the Haryana assembly, where he gave a 40-minute long speech in nude.ALSO READ: Vishal Dadlani's sarcastic tweet on Jain monk Tarun Sagar backfires, musician vows to quit politics In his speech, he spoke about various topics; female foeticide, politicians with criminal cases filed against them and how Pakistan harbours terrorism among many. Sagar's husband-wife analogy to explain the equation between dharma and politics had created a fuss on social media after many people slammed it as misogynistic. In his speech, he spoke about various topics; female foeticide, politicians with criminal cases filed against them and how Pakistan harbours terrorism among many. Sagar's husband-wife analogy to explain the equation between dharma and politics had created a fuss on social media after many people slammed it as misogynistic.Vishal tweeted his displeasure about Sri Tarun and took a dig at Prime Minister of India [IMAGE]( Narendra Modi's 'Achche Din' catchphrase, and of course, the Jain monk's nudity. [IMAGE]( However, very soon, thousands of Jains expressed their dislike for Vishal's tweet. After a point, chief minister of Delhi and AAP supremo [IMAGE]( Arvind Kejriwal also expressed his reverence for 'Tarun Sagar ji'. [IMAGE]( All of this prompted Vishal to take down the tweet and he went on an apology spree on Twitter. All of this prompted Vishal to take down the tweet and he went on an apology spree on Twitter.This incident of an artist, who was vocal about his views on sensitive topics like politics and religion, brings to mind earlier instances of 'celebs' bearing the brunt of the overtly touchy political junta and religious opinion-makers, for speaking their mind. This incident of an artist, who was vocal about his views on sensitive topics like politics and religion, brings to mind earlier instances of 'celebs' bearing the brunt of the overtly touchy political junta and religious opinion-makers, for speaking their mind. [IMAGE]( Shah Rukh Khan's famous intolerance comment in late 2015 sent the nation's patriots on an hyperdrive. [IMAGE]( Besides getting bashed on social, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal also staged protests in Rajasthan against Dilwale which released in December last year. Shah Rukh had to apologise unconditionally to get people to come and watch his film. Besides getting bashed on social, Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) and Bajrang Dal also staged protests in Rajasthan against Dilwale which released in December last year. Shah Rukh had to apologise unconditionally to get people to come and watch his film.ALSO READ: There is extreme intolerance in this country, says Shah Rukh Khan Infact, the journalist who conducted the interview with SRK also was not spared. On Amazon, some 1000-odd people gave the journalist's recently released book a 1-star rating. Infact, the journalist who conducted the interview with SRK also was not spared. On Amazon, some 1000-odd people gave the journalist's recently released book a 1-star rating. [IMAGE]( Aamir Khan was not left far behind as he too was pulled into the 'intolerance' debate. [IMAGE]( Thankfully, he did not have any film releasing in 2015, so he did not have to issue a statement of apology. However, Snapdeal, the e-commerce company, for which Aamir was the brand ambassador had to suffer. Lakhs downgraded the ratings of the android app and many uninstalled the app. Thankfully, he did not have any film releasing in 2015, so he did not have to issue a statement of apology. However, Snapdeal, the e-commerce company, for which Aamir was the brand ambassador had to suffer. Lakhs downgraded the ratings of the android app and many uninstalled the app. ALSO READ: Aamir Khan joins intolerance debate, says wife Kiran Rao also wanted to leave India The protest continued even after Snapdeal issued a statement and did not stop till Snapdeal removed Aamir from its Twitter home page. The protest continued even after Snapdeal issued a statement and did not stop till Snapdeal removed Aamir from its Twitter home page.Irrfan also had to face the sweet chin music of the religious-political nexus. Weeks before his film Madaari was supposed to release this year, his comments on Ramzan and Muslims not speaking out against terrorism, infiuriated Muslim clerics, particularly those in his hometown Jaipur. [IMAGE]( The clerics asked him to stay shut and concentrate on his acting. The clerics asked him to stay shut and concentrate on his acting.ALSO READ: Irrfan questions Ramzan fast, Muslim clerics ask him to focus on acting [IMAGE]( Salman Khan, controversy's favourite child was also not spared when he tweeted in defense of 1993 Bombay blasts accused Yakub Menon. [IMAGE]( He asked why the government was holding Yakub responsible while his elder brother, the prime accused, Tiger Menon was absconding. He asked why the government was holding Yakub responsible while his elder brother, the prime accused, Tiger Menon was absconding.ALSO READ: Salman Khan under fire for tweet in support of Yakub Menon Down south, superstar [IMAGE]( Rajinikanth had to face brickbats from the liberal intelligentsia, when he spoke in support of [IMAGE]( Sanjay Dutt when the Munnabhai actor was sentenced to a five-year prison term in 2013 for illegally owning arms. [IMAGE]( Source Infact, more recently, Kannada actor and Congress leader Ramya was also not spared for going against Indian defence minister [IMAGE]( Manohar Parrikar's comment 'Pakistan is hell'. [IMAGE]( However, Ramya has refused to apologise. However, Ramya has refused to apologise.ALSO READ: Actor-politician Ramya charged with sedition, but she won't apologise for her remark Last but not the least, things became really ugly, when Tamil actor Khushbu, spoke her mind on pre-marital sex. [IMAGE]( Things were dragged to Supreme court which dismissed all cases against her. Things were dragged to Supreme court which dismissed all cases against her.ALSO READ: Khushbu pre-marital sex controversy is a spectacle for bigotry ( The writer tweets as @devarsighosh ) ___ ^Version ^: ^0.4.1b ^| [^Changelog]( ^Function ^: ^I ^post ^the ^article's ^text ^as ^a ^comment ^if ^the ^website ^blocks ^adblocking. [^I ^accept ^commands!]( ___ ^Rendered ^by ^PROMETHEUS

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    Before Vishal Dadlani, it was Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Irrfan and even Thalaiva Rajinikanth himself. Every time they spoke their mind on political issues, they were asked to shut up. --- > * ALSO READ: Vishal Dadlani's sarcastic tweet on Jain monk Tarun Sagar backfires, musician vows to quit politics > * ALSO READ: There is extreme intolerance in this country, says Shah Rukh Khan > * However, Snapdeal, the e-commerce company, for which Aamir was the brand ambassador had to suffer. > * Weeks before his film Madaari was supposed to release this year, his comments on Ramzan and Muslims not speaking out against terrorism, infiuriated Muslim clerics, particularly those in his hometown Jaipur. --- ^I'm ^a ^bot ^| ^OP ^can ^reply ^with ^"delete" ^to ^remove ^| [^Message ^Creator]( ^| [^Source]( ^| ^Did ^I ^just ^break? ^See ^how ^you ^can ^help! ^Visit ^the ^source ^and ^check ^out ^the ^Readme

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    Yeah I've been reading medium episode reviews and those are good, this is better though. ;) And oh shit, I found that article. This part: There's already a lot of online speculation about how the series will end. Do you read any of that or purposely stay away from it? I haven't seen it. I end up seeing stuff accidentally because as an independent musician, I tweet out links and post Facebook links to my music. And sometimes I spot online chatter like that. But I think it's great that people are talking about it. I just want to say that [pauses] they're all wrong. NO WE AREN'T. Thanks mate!

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    someone else responded to the tweet assuming that that was the implication, and i'm not sure it was. there has, i think, always been a higher degree of veneer on pop stars than there have been rap stars -- the former occupies a space where approachability and wide appeal are primary concerns, while the latter factors in nebulous concepts of authenticity as well. this is *doubly* true of artists such as drake who've expanded their business and adopted broader branding strategies than just 'musician.' you can see it even in someone like jay, who legit came from that world -- there's money to be made in making people with money forget where you came from sometimes. so i read rosenberg's comment as less about meek being inherently more authentic because of the environment he comes from, which is of course weird indefensible normative bullshit that conceptualizes authenticity in a very narrow set of terms, and more about meek mill *as an artist* representing less of a crossover, market-tested brand identity (see: drake) and more of an actual human. which is just to say, drake's schtick does legit seem more calculated and affected to me than meek's, and not because i don't think rappers ever fake that street shit for cred; it just seems like meek legitimately does that less than drake, who very plainly has a degree of comfort in being almost everything to almost everyone at various points. he wouldn't be where he was if he didn't. that said, i think what you said about all music at this point being a matter of branding is true, at least to an extent. even if the music is authentic, art is curated by definition -- it is only a piece of the artist, and what they show is what they want us to see. brand identity and public relations concerns, particularly post-social media, where artists' success also depends on the transparency of their lives, are kinda baked in at this point, at least for most people. it's a bummer, but yeah, you're not wrong.

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    I mean, she was clearing pipes so technically it was accurate

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    Disclaimer: If I said/did anyting wrong for Reddit community standards, I apologize. I've been reading Reddit for a while, but this is my first post, so I hope that it's correct. It just seemed like the right place at the right time to tell my story, while answering the question sincerely. I'm 33 years old, turning 34 in a couple months. I've by no means had a hard life, in fact, I must say I've been blessed (even though I'm not particularly religious) with an extraordinary life, even though it has not been without its struggles. Again, I would like to say that in retrospect, these problems of mine were really first world problems, in a way, as I've never had a night in my life where I didn't know where I was going to sleep, drink fresh water nor struggle to buy food etc.). However, I also don't think people suffering from mental illness should be seen as weak nor stigmatized, as I truly believe that it's a mental virus/illness, which people just sometimes get, and nobody can explain why, but its there now, and you have to deal with it. Right around the time I turned 30, almost 4 years ago now, I was living and working at a 5 star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. I had been studying hotel management so this was an ok job position, and it allowed me to live my 'dream life' where I lived in an inexpensive country, didn't have to work too hard, and could just kind of do my own thing without owing anything to anyone. Long story short (at least for this part of my response, haha, sorry) right around the time I turned 30 in Bangkok, I began to feel strange. Something wasn't quite right, but I just couldn't seem to put my finger on what it was. I started having trouble eating, getting out of bed, going to work, leaving the apartment, taking a shower... these minor 'inconveniences' became major annoyances, to the point that sometimes if I could take a shower during those waking hours, that would have been a good day, then back to bed. I realized something was seriously wrong when I had my first panic attack. I couldn’t quite do it justice by putting it into words, but let me just say that I had a sensation similar to what it must feel like to die drowning, then I just kind of slowly collapsed to the floor, and really did think I was dying. Thanks to my fantastic self diagnosis via Internet, I immediately concluded that I had some kind of a brain tumor / terminal illness (I highly suggest staying away from the temptation to self diagnose, as you might really scare yourself more than necessary) so the next couple of days weren't the most pleasant either. As I got myself ready to go to an oncologist or another kind of death specialist doctor, I stumbled upon (not trying to advertise here, seriously) a few videos by on Youtube by Matthew Johnstone: "I had a black dog, his name was depression - it's pretty huge now 6.7M views,, but in my opinion not yet enough for how much it has helped me, and how much I think it could help people with undiagnosed or even diagnosed depression around the world. After seeing this video, I understand that this was it, this was what I had. I quit my job the next day basically. As I mentioned, I have been very fortunate that my finances have always been on the secure side (mostly thanks to my parents), and I hope they will continue to be, but I realize I am part of the privileged few. I was lucky enough that I did not have to stick it through and continue to carry on doing a job I hated, which was obviously also having a vicious circle effect on my depression, and my heart goes out to all the people suffering silently from mental depression, and having to carry on a job and maybe a family at the same time - you guys are the real heroes in the world. I went to my home in Italy (I'm half Italian, half Scottish - long story), where my parents lived and I grew up. Perhaps it was a fitting start to facing my depression that I would be going back to my childhood home, to confront childhood issues (amongst others). My parents did not really know what depression was. Neither did I. There’s just so much stigma about mental health diseases in general out there, that it’s hard to get accurate information without hiding… this is where I thank the Internet for providing anonymity, as it allowed me to research my condition without admitting I had it to other people, as that was just as terrifying as the condition itself at the time. My parents did the best they could though, allowing a 30 year old ‘lunatic’ back in their house and welcoming him back with all the love possible, rather than kicking him out to the curb, and telling him to get a job, you failure! Or a lot of other responses that I’m sure the real unfortunate people in life have/get. * When my parents welcomed me back, this was the first time I cried tears of joy. However, the problem here is that they did not last long, and most importantly,I did not share them with anyone else, including my parents. * I was so unhappy and frustrated with everything at the time, that to the few around me who really loved and cared for me, I responded with incredibly hurtful verbal abuse. It was hard ,suffering, but it was even harder to think of all the heartache I was causing my parents and my family. I felt like I had let them down, that they had invested a lot of love and time in me, and that being so fortunate, I should not even be allowed to feel sorry for myself and be depressed. My dad had spent his hard earned money (started as a marketing exec at a pharmaceutical company, made a 40 year career to the top as Executive VP of a multinational pharmaceutical company – still the humblest person I’ve ever met) to send me to some of the top universities in the world, and I felt as though I had given my family nothing in return. This was just another one of my failures – as I could never fully commit to anything and I would always lose interest and prefer to be lazy and do nothing. Thankfully, I finally committed to something, even though I only realize it now. At that moment, even though my mind was drunk with my depression, I had committed to facing depression head-on, and coming through on the other side. As a side note: I was never particularly suicidal during my depression, nor did I cause myself any self-harm, although I did think about it quite a few times when things got really bad, but I doubt I would ever have done it – I’m really sad to see that things get THAT bad for others, and I feel for you.) So as you do... I went to see a therapist. I always pictured mental illness as ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest kind of thing… basically that I would now have to go to an insane asylum, get wrapped up in a straight jacket, medded up and locked away until the end of days. Luckily, even though the stigma around mental health is still unfortunately great (hence the majority of people with depression tend to keep it a secret, afraid of being ridiculed or misunderstood) it was really not that bad. The therapist seemed like a nice enough guy, and most of all, he conveyed true empathy to me, and that he was not doing it for the money, but rather for a real person interest in helping people learn to analyze their mind, their thoughts and their past. He turned out to be a fantastic therapist for me, and having read stories about people's depressions and the amount of therapists that they had to go through to find a decent one... wow, I guess I must have won the lottery here. I don’t see why a useful thing like psychotherapy is called psychotherapy… I mean it’s got the word psycho in there you know? It’s not very good marketing! I think if it was rebranded to Brain O/S or something like that, and Depression to something a bit nicer more ‘new wave’ sounding, then people wouldn’t be so afraid to share that they’ve got it, and they could then go onto getting to know themselves and the way their brain and memories operate and interact, to make us who we are, and let us experience how we feel. Well, 3.5 years of therapy and anti-depressants later (every day, although I did not take big doses as opposed to other people suffering from severe depression, I am told), I am finally ‘out’ for the first time in a long time, and for what I hope will continue to be a long time. However, with depression, you never really know, as most people with major depression will suffer at least 1 relapse during their lifetime, but I feel as though I will be better prepared next time. I am just coming to this realization lately, as I have been fixing a lot of things in my life, from my career, to my interests, to my relationships with loved ones, and I think I am now back on the right path in my life. * Yesterday and today, I cried tears of joy when I came to this realization. Today twice.Fingers crossed and knock on wood that it lasts, as life without depression/anxiety/stress is a beautiful thing. I know it will continue to have its rocky moments and peaks and valleys, and I hope that I will not get a serious physical illness anytime soon, but wow, what a Journey.* TLDR: After 3.5 years of severe depression (bipolar/mania, whatever terms you wanna call it), I’ve temporarily? (hopefully not too temporarily - see? still a bit terrified of it!) overcome depression and that is the most notable time I’ve cried tears of joy. Any questions, please feel free to ask. I hope my story will somehow motivate and/or inspire you. If it makes any kind of positive impact on anyone that reads it, then the last 2 hours of my life typing this out will have been worth it =) Actually, it’s already been worth it, as writing stuff down always helps me clear my thought process. Thanks for reading! Sincerely, mikeforrest23

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    >Hello INFJ's I am an INFJ as well... so maybe you can help understand my pain and relate to me... Nope. But I can commiserate for a moment and tell you my thoughts. >To be short.. My ex girlfriend rebounded in a week after our breakup! All her. Nothing to do with you. She jumped on the stick, so to speak, faster than you. >Now if I ever talk about this online or any forum they say you were broken up and you have no right to worry about your ex being with someone else Well, yeah. I mean. That's the polite and PC thing to do. It's not "real" in your head or mine when I am going through it. It's just what people say. >EXCUSE ME? WTF? I never knew we lived in a cruel world where you were lovers a few hours ago... you broke up and now you are strangers? Gotye summed it up: "Now you're just somebody that I used to know." >As INFJ's we see the world with love and care but really WTF? I am moving on after the breakup but I think rebound's are just cruel and hurtful to everyone... does she not think of my feelings? is she so selfish she cares only about her own self and not me as well? I know she is hurt and wants a dick to ride on so she can feel better about herself but seriously.... ? Why do we live in this cruel world? That's not an exactly accurate portrait, but I understand why you are typing it. Why do we live in this cruel world? So things have value. So the next relationship matters. To get into the cool after-life party. Who knows??? Also, you can't look at it like this for too long. Set an egg-timer on your mourning or you will forever be sucked in. >I would never use a woman or another person to get rid of my troubles... I would never ever think of hurting someone because I know a rebound is not going to work because you are just not thinking straight in the head when you are doing it.... but how can she use another guy to get over me ? Here's the different perspective in three unrelated sentences: 1) It's extreme behavior. So extreme it's in the DSM as reckless for several disorders. You DROVE a woman to this behavior. Go you! Or shame on you! Whichever lines up with your druthers. 2) If you get back together. (I am pausing here so you can give me your "I would never" and then your haughty "I'm ______" and now you take a deep breath and realize it could happen. Back with me? Good.) If you get back together, this is a consequence of your break-up. Meaning: It could happen again. File that away. Also, this could happen with other future partners. File that away. 3) Go chase someone completely out of your league for a minute. Get your mind off shit. Go play some random Steam game. (I recommend the source version of Day of Defeat myself) Go run. Read a book. Take your mind off of it somehow. Someway. Some shape. Some form. I am not saying trip and fall into the next vaginal heart canal that comes along, but do something that doesn't have you sitting on reddit ruminating over the wistful, erstwhile ways you wish things had gone and go do something cool. >I am not saying I should tell her how to run her life but I just don't understand people's mentality now.. >Help me understand this :( .. the pain hurts me so much >Sorry for the long rant. Don't apologize. It's not your fault this happened to be the way she handled it. It's a piece of knowledge that happens to directly skew some feelings you have. People are this way because....well, they are people. People do weird shit. You don't have to understand their mentality. But, it's helpful to measure and attempt to understand your own reactions. Not only can you not tell her how to run her life, realize it's her life to run ever how she sees fit and it's your best vantage point into your own mind to see how you react. Take stock in that. Be glad you had the wherewithal to know: I fucking hate when people do that. (I do as well, but it is what it is, right?) Feel better, do something fun and just remember this happened when you cuddle back up with her in six months or three years or in fifteen years over tequila drinks post high school/college reunion. You've already answered a question you will have in the future. Two of them in fact. How cool is that shit?

  • Nova Graham Reply

    Meh. Reads too much like revenge porn for the frustrated nerd. As much as I enjoy the red pill and implore the need for its existence. Its still filled with alot of posts that look like they're written by angry 20-somethings in the rage phase. The reality you describe lacks nuance and is still far too one dimensional. This idea that established sought after men only seek young women is, quite frankly, a statistical illusion. The wake in the familial lifestyles happening in the west is one happening on economic and educational lines. College educated couples stay married for longer, earn better and (rather interestingly) MARRY LATER. This flies in the face of OP's idea that every girl who fucked her way though numerous chads in college is destined to become some old spinster who cant find a man. We need to stop using the Dicaprio's and Clooneys as barometers of relationship success. The vast majority of healthy relationships are formed between people of a similar age group. That means, if successful men are marrying at 30+ they're also marrying successful counterparts who are...27-30+. Yes, sexual strategy is indeed important and hypergamy is 100% real. But way too much of this still reads like the musings of a jilted 22 year old. There are PLENTY of whores who are fucking, dating and marrying highly successful men. Plenty of whores who are balling out of control. I think the second stage in the evolution of the mens movement will be embracing the layers and nuance in sexual strategy. Much of these posts is still based on wishful thinking fueled by moralistic lecturing from years of conditioning by centuries of fundamentalist christian dogma. Pretty whores always win. You'll learn that. Sooner or later.

  • Roxane Wiza Reply

    You mean Capable and Accurate?

  • Dewitt Von Reply

    **Great!** Let's see if doing this every week works well. If it's too often, we can still try this bi-weekly or every month :D Once we know things are working well, let's tweet to the Kami Band members with the announcement of this new series! :)   ___________________________________________   [My favorite recent tweet from BOH - 7:07am 13 Aug 2016]( My translation: "Watching the Olympic games... They are athletes and I'm a musician, but I'm interested in how they develop skills to compete at an international level. Practice everyday, I guess. Practice, everyday. And also, how you grow emotionally matters, I guess."

  • Reggie Jacobson Reply

    I don't understand how these these types of things happen outside of the fact that the person making whatever comment relents in the slightest way by apologizing or trying to edify the "offended". These people are opportunists to whom you can never have truly paid your debt and nothing is ever enough. But what confuses me: Who has the authority to grant this "one time power" to circumvent the involved process that is in the charter? Why even have a charter or any rules if they are this flexible? Would this same thing happen if someone were outraged by someone talking about how stupid they felt the ice bucket challenge is? Why aren't attorneys getting involved? Is her stipend something she receives for her student leadership position or a scholarship and what gives the "punisher" the authority to put someone in financial jeopardy for 50 days? Furthermore, she either paid for or earned her scholarship to attend the university, and they certainly aren't going to give consideration during exams or prorate her tuition... How is any of that legal? Why is there no requirement that the punishment fit the "crime", and why is no one required to show cause in the form or establishing how in the world what she said was truly offensive or hateful and not just an expression of free speech? The fact that there is no apparent due process or constitutional consideration for any of this is what is shocking. Just because some students are outraged doesn't mean they should be edified any more than a child throwing themselves on the floor of a grocery store should. The problem with pretty much all of the hipster SJW PC culture is that they want to be "Rebels Without a Consequence". A few decades ago, if you wanted a tattoo that was always visible, you understood that it restricted you from certain occupations and had to accept that. If you wanted to be an artist or musician, you had to accept you were probably going to be poor, and it was worth it because you were passionate about your art. These days, the hipster/SJW/PC crowd essentially want to be posers. They want to be able to say that they have whatever title or interest without any of the work or sacrifice. They want the prestige and not he negatives. They want to be a gamer, but they want someone else to make the games they want to play. They want to be firefighters or marines but want the requirements lowered for them. They want to be able to protest in outrage and have that not somehow count as skipping class or missing exams. If this girl's comment were so outrageous, then while she is in class, the upset masses should be willing to miss classes and sacrifice letter grades to protest. Administrators should ignore online reactions because it's remarkably easy to sit at home in the evening and tweet little bitch fits, and we're seeing more and more that the number of warm bodies actually in outrage are falsely inflated by sock puppet accounts and bot network. If students want to protest on campus, then they should be subject to all of the laws that anyone else would be... If they are physically restricting students from entering class, that's assault. If they are loudly prohibiting students from studying in libraries and study halls, that is technically theft and criminal mischief. They want to have their cake and eat it to. They want protests protected under the first amendment, while expecting the same rights not to be extended to the person who posted whatever online. It either applies to everyone, or doesn't apply to anyone. You can't have it both ways, and certainly not while trying to hide behind some notion of "equality".

  • Peggie Maggio Reply

    I mean, at least end 5th so my prediction can be accurate.

  • Duncan Runte Reply

    Of course it's a pun. Doesn't mean it's not accurate, though ...

  • Katlyn Davis Reply

    You misspelled Hillary Clinton... or as shes better known as Spicy Boi

  • June Lind Reply

    jesus christ this is so accurate. i mean the name literally means the frontier

  • Evelyn Kshlerin Reply

    I mean, its accurate. Literally everything is made out of pixels, including you.

  • Albertha Bogan Reply

    Has Smith got any other music out? I remember him saying he'd gotten a tweet from some important musician in response to his work. It's just nice to see him without the Smith persona being a bit more vulnerable/serious. And he does have a great voice.

  • Katelin Koepp Reply

    Look at all the fluff you wrote. Cute. You are ELEVEN years younger. That means you're either her fuck toy or little boy. As a fuck toy, she will porn fuck you, but it will probably never progress. As her little boy, she can mold you into anything she wants and have you believe anything she tells you to be normal because, after all, she is much older and more "experienced" than you. Many times, guys transition from fuck toy to little boy in these situations, but never a normal relationship. So, she's got boring little boy you who she has molded like clay (because no man her age would deal with it) and now she's got her old flame back. Hell, she probably never stopped with him. She just had you, too. Your young sexual energy. Every time – EVERY FUCKING TIME – the current "boyfriend" refers to the ex as an ugly loser, just remember that she's currently sucking off the ex loser while you bitch to Reddit. Be rid of her. Be rid of your fantasy of the older woman. It doesn't exist. Go get a good girl.

  • Delaney Stanton Reply

    that is the #1 hardest thing about making music. no one gives a fuck. what i know is true though is that i am creating a product that nobody NEEDS. its different if i were to open a restaurant and no one ate there - ppl need food - id be doing something wrong. in music you can do everything right and still never "make it". its even more difficult for me to deal with sometimes because i have so many friends who have made it and are huge stars now - i could ask them all to tweet about my shit, but then i wouldn't have earned it. some days i feel like asking though haha! at the end of the day, i deal just fine because i make music for me first, i know my product keeps getting doper and if i ever gave up just because i havent "made it" yet, am i really that much of a musician? anyway thanks for the Q - that one is always rough. i have days and weeks sometime where i just never wanna make music again. but then i get a DM from some kid who decided not to kill himself or decided they werent gonna give up on their art or someone who relates to my adoption story (see my song "Abandon") and then i shut the fuck up and get back to writing! but hey, if you like my stuff, share it around! thats the only way its gonna get out there! cheeers <3333

  • Alysson Willms Reply

    Hate that shit too. I know you're the fuckswithducks guy, but still you raise a good point. I saw a video a few months back that really stuck with me. The whole story to it was that the girl was asking where babies come from. And, of course, the guy had to show her *exactly* where they come from in explicit detail. But she acted like a 4 year old. It was *really* creepy. She had this stupid little kids voice the whole time and was asking if everything was allowed and if she was going to get in trouble and if it was going to hurt and all that weird shit like that. I'm all for the "young and immature" porn, can we at least pretend like they're at least 18? I swear, it's like they're trying to create legal "child" porn for people to watch. It's fucking weird, man.

  • Tyrell Huels Reply

    X-Post referenced from /r/vinyl by /u/Primodummy [The Avalanches - Since I Left You Reissue]( ***** ^^I ^^am ^^a ^^bot. ^^I ^^delete ^^my ^^negative ^^comments. ^^[Contact]( ^^| ^^[Code]( ^^| ^^[FAQ](

  • Maximillian Oberbrunner Reply

    Lol does that mean it's accurate or not tho?

  • Emilie Donnelly Reply

    Anyone know what this is about? Link showed up on The Avalanches' Spotify page. Is there a new UK reissue?

  • Dale Gislason Reply

    That's not even close to an accurate statement. Popular would not mean respectable, any way. Look at 90% of pop now a days for an example of that.

  • Anthony Rosenbaum Reply

    You mean "accurate assessment?"

  • Joshua Tremblay Reply

    Here's the interview, sorry it took so long for the source. Here's the direct quote from the article: Interviewer: "There's already a lot of online speculation about how the series will end. Do you read any of that or purposely stay away from it?" Riz: "I haven't seen it. I end up seeing stuff accidentally because as an independent musician, I tweet out links and post Facebook links to my music. And sometimes I spot online chatter like that. But I think it's great that people are talking about it. I just want to say that [pauses] they're all wrong."

  • Katarina Breitenberg Reply

    I mean... That's pretty accurate

  • Art Jenkins Reply

    What is you opinion on this? I would like to extend a hearty “Congratulations!” to Black Lives Matter on slowly but surely alienating every single one of their allies. A few days ago, Justin Timberlake was “forced” to apologize after a completely innocent tweet in support of actor Jesse Williams’ rant about racial and social justice at the BET Awards. After this tweet the #BLM (Black Lives Matter, for the hashtag-illiterate) types immediately descended, demanding he stop appropriating black culture and music. When JT suggested “we are all ONE” it further exacerbated the issue. It’s not just JT. Many white Americans have been shouted down after expressing support for #BLM, and even just for sitting there minding their own business, not saying anything. If we can’t even let a white celebrity tweet out support for the message of a half-white celebrity then we might be doing it wrong. Heck, even Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been muzzled by the angry #BLM folks. Think about how counterproductive that is: both support #BLM and one of them just may be the president one day! But yes, let’s shame people into public silence. Great plan! That will make it extra exciting when folks start complaining once again about how quiet white people are about the loss of black life. Great Idea: Shouting at Powerful People #BLM types don’t seem to understand that black Americans are only 12 to 13 percent of the population of this country, and that white people are still more than 60 percent. Math is hard, but let’s run the numbers on that one. White people are still the majority—a very large majority—and they still dominate the apparatus of justice in this nation. So if you belong to a group that wants to influence that apparatus, you’d better start getting more white people to join you in your cause. I’m no psychiatrist, but I feel pretty confident that the way to recruit people into a cause or movement isn’t to shame and berate them. That seems counterproductive. (I also find it a delicious irony that we’re complaining about Timberlake’s cultural appropriation over a tweet inspired by a BET Awards speech when Timberlake has been nominated for a BET Award eight times.) Justin Timberlake did nothing—NOTHING—except support a very passionate message that every last one of the #BLM crowd endorses. For that he was belittled. This man has 55 million Twitter followers, 31 million on Instagram. He has multiple Grammys. He’s an actor, producer, and musician. He has influence. Should they kiss his ass? No, but how about just say nothing. They don’t have to fall down and thank the heavens that this white man cares about black lives, but they don’t need to make him the devil, either. Just say nothing! If anyone in the official #BLM had any common sense they’d jump on this opportunity and draft him into the movement so they could piggyback on his considerable social media platform. As a blogger, I am forced to know quite a bit about marketing and packaging a message for maximum results, and that seems like a marketing dream come true. Let the guy use his white privilege for the movement instead of forcing him to skulk away, taking all his money and his platform with him. We’ve Come All This Way for You to Act Like Idiots? While it seems likely Timberlake won’t change his personal views on racial unity and social justice, it’s even more likely he’ll simply not say anything from here on out. How long will it be before those same people who berated him start complaining that Timberlake and other white people like him aren’t speaking out enough? Martin Luther King Jr. and our ancestors did not defeat Jim Crow by isolating themselves and belittling white people who dared to express their unity with the cause. King knew white America had to want our freedom as badly as we did in order to make an impact, and he marched proudly with many white activists. He welcomed white people who took the message of civil rights to their more ignorant brethren across the country. If you’re part of the official #BLM movement, you may be saying to yourself right now (if you’ve even made it past the headline), “We don’t need a white savior! We don’t need white people to march with us. We need them to sit down and shut up and let us talk!” If that’s your “strategy,” then good luck with that. You’ve officially forfeited the right to complain about white people not caring enough. The ones that do are shouted down and humiliated. Let them support you or make peace with the fact that you’re officially endorsing segregation.

  • Jared Auer Reply

    Sir - I don't want to reply to you with the name "Marketing Douchebag", but I also don't know your name- so I think 'sir' is an okay way to start. First, I want to say that I love Madison. Everything about the town is beautiful, and inspiring- and our show last night was incredible, and emotionally rewarding. I'm not sure how I sang, as I'm a pretty hit or miss kind of guy- but I can say that for me, as the recipient of the crowd's love and energy- it was amazing. No single person could ever force me to change my opinion of a crowd, let alone influence me to blacklist an entire city. Second, I want to let you know that I genuinely do appreciate your apology. Especially as someone who writes and performs music, you should know that it's about striving for a plane of complete transparency... And opening yourself up like that to a group of strangers can be mortifying... In fact, before performing last night, I happened to tweet again about how my stage fright takes complete hold of me, even this long into my 'career'. It's because of this fragility I feel, that certain things can truly impact me in both wonderful and disastrous ways. Now, the flip side of that coin, of course, is that you and everyone in the room had paid me to perform for you. You helped commission a night which required me singing songs, and I put everything I could into it. Sure, there were lulls- and of course there are a number of songs people may have rather heard- but all in all I feel I respectfully did the work which was asked of me. During the set, there were a few moments I took to express love, gratitude, and humility to you and all of the other wonderful people in the crowd. What may appear on the surface to be just another thank you from a musician is so much more than that for me- I understand truly how much I owe to you all, and I mean to never take it for granted. One of the ways I try to show this, in all aspects of my life both professional and personal, is to NEVER consider myself better than anyone else- and to never trick myself into thinking this is owed to me. A method which helps me excercise this in my career has been to address every audience with the candor and comfort of a good friend. I don't have anything to hide. There is no facade I'm trying to maintain. I'm no rock star. What happens, unfortunately, is that some times people take those opportunities to say relatively hurtful things. Moments I might be trying to course correct from the verbal tangent I may have chanced upon when speaking to one person in the crowd- these lulls seem to effect the most vocal minority, from time to time. What I have never heard vocalized, whether it has been said before or not, is "this is boring." My frustration didn't arise from you speaking to me in a silent moment. I can't demand silence. I can only ask for it and hope that what I do invokes it when necessary. It wasn't the lack of silence that frustrated me- it was the opportunity taken within the silence to say something specifically meant to be hurtful... And I've fielded a plethora of hurtful words from verbal using the recognition that I am in fact hilariously out of shape, to illuminating how I've messed up my own lyrics, to expressing the always wonderful dissatisfaction that I don't want to play Red Hands. You reduced the moment to boredom. That is the only reason I was frustrated with you, and the frustration continued when given the opportunity to backpedal, you didn't- though I will say I respect sticking to your guns, and I mean that. I don't know you, and for me to think anything of you as a person based on such an abstract scenario as last night, would be incredibly foolish on my part. I don't want you to feel that I've assigned you into some mental category I keep of people I hate... Though that category does exist- I have 0 reason to dislike you at all in the context of reality. So all I want to leave you with is this- while I don't know you, I am grateful for you. You have helped give me this opportunity to do not only what I love, but what I feel I couldn't live without doing. Sure, we had an exchange which I think left us both a little sour- but never would I presume myself capable of judging you based on that interaction, and I would hope you'd offer me the same pass. It's hard up there, and I don't want to travel the country making enemies. I love you for being yourself, being creative, and being self aware and humble enough to extend this apology, especially in such a public forum. I would hope that in the future you may remember that I'm a pretty anxious, neurotic person- and that I just want to be a part of something beautiful with you and everyone else... Not wallow in any sort of negativity. Thank you sir.

  • Mateo Adams Reply

    [3x3]( **Chance the Rapper - Acid Rap:** I listened to this and Coloring Book back to back and this record just blows it outta the water. Production is still so intricate and fresh sounding even after 3 years. Even though I consider this to be his worst performance vocally, as he was all over the place with the adlibbing and such. Features are also generally on point, except for Action Bronson who comes through with one of the most ear-grating verses I've ever heard. **Chance the Rapper - Coloring Book:** Mediocrity in the flesh. Just like it's sister album The Life of Pablo this record is an absolute mess. There's way too many features on here and the production is so, so shaky. Chance's also just completely mediocre on here, guess he lied about the bars being so hard there won't be a part we can't tweet on Ultralight Beam. That being said, there's some dope tracks on here. Juke Jam is awesome, Smoke Break is dope, mainly because of Future, and How Great is also ill. Jay Electricity needs to drop his album already. **Three Six Mafia - When The Smoke Clears:** The beginning of Three Six's descent into the mainstream, but still an excellent record. Production is timeless, every modern trap producer out there is forever indebted to Juicy J and DJ Paul for coming up with that rolling 808 drum pattern. Lyrically it's nothing too special, being post-Academy Award and all that but there's some gems on here, such as Bun on the ever so amazing Sippin' on Some Syrup. **Three Six Mafia - Mystic Stylez:** One of the best albums ever. Lord Infamous, Juicy J and Koopsta are all in their absolute insurmountable primes on here. Production is gorgeous and grimy at the same time, the hooks are catchy... I can't really praise this record enough. Da Summa is a top 10 hip-hop song OAT. **Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool:** I enjoyed this record a lot. Sounds like the lovechild of Kid A and In Rainbows, and I'm okay with that. It's a very emotional, bare record where Thom does his thing, but the Greenwoods are the absolute MVP's. The instrumentation and the orchestration are absolutely gorgeous. **Post Malone - August 26th:** After the disappointment that is Coloring Book I was very surprised to enjoy this project so much. The production is dope and Post's voice is just too nice. Love how he's mixing some blues and country in there as well on certain tracks. Jaden Smith also, non-ironically, has a great feature on here. Don't sleep! **Freddie Gibbs - BFK:** This is the man's best project, or at least tied with Piñata. It's a very long, winding project with virtually no filler and a feature list to kill for. Krayzie Bone on Kush Cloud is so fucking sick. **Nomak - Combine:** Not his best, but still ill. This is chill Japanese instrumental hip-hop with some nifty piano-based melodies and hard hitting drums. Worth checking out if you're into Nujabes and the like. **Future - Monster:** The record that solidified Future's status as the greatest rapper, no, musician of all time. **The Avalanches - Since I Left You:** Classic. **DJ Whitesmith - WE ALL VICTIMS:** Some more instrumental hip-hop from Japan. This is a very intense album, very emotional. The sampling is insane and all the features deliver. **The Roots - Undun:** One of the best albums of the decade. **Apollo Brown & O.C. - Trophies:** Same as above. **Nomak - Dynamic Meditation:** His second best, behind Calm. **The Weeknd - House of Balloons:** Same as Undun and Trophies. **Roc Marciano - Reloaded:** Same as above.

  • Salma Leannon Reply

    Okay, I was not expecting *that*. I feel like maybe I did see that tumblr post looooong ago but forgot it. Did she maybe tweet in early 2013 about how she was still working on editing that video? Or was it abandoned in 2012? It's funny because today such images would be a huge deal but she was always very open about the body (and even in a sex context, although that's not what this song is necessarily about) as a subject of her work in 2010-12, her fans were mostly mature and could handle it (i mean she originated in the "harvard of canada" so the initial audience were super educated and progressive, or at least felt a certain peer pressure to act publicly mature about such matters), it was only when she started getting a lot of new fans (uneducated young men, but also over-educated older women) who didn't understand that in the millennial generation a woman writing/thinking about the body or sex is ordinary and doesn't have to equal either a. coming onto the listener b. making a grand political statement about "feminism,"... only when all these new kinds of listeners found out about her, a lot of problems started to happen (this is what she talked about, how she first experienced major misogyny when she got successful as a musician), and males started saying "marry me" on all her videos and "kiss raping" her and older females started politicizing everything about her personal songs. it's not surprising this video was never finished, considering how the media were scandalized by even the "pussy rings." do we know if Claire was the director? I would assume so. thanks for posting this anyway... i'm kind of relieved i was the first to upvote you. it definitely deserves upvotes tho. another thing to discuss in this area- does anyone know why halfaxa has two different sets of cover art, and why the cover art was changed and whether the nude was claire's idea or the label's idea? and which cover art does she consider canonical these days? from what i understand (i don't have it... although i gotta admit i am considering getting it used) the controversial new arbutus reissue has the drawn cover art illustration, the one she sells as an art print on her website. but i do have the arbutus cd and i know it has the nude. i'm guessing her reasons for opposing that vinyl reissue had nothing to do with their change of the cover art (after all, maybe the illustration is her preference- an area of agreement with arbutus) but the two different cover arts is still an interesting mystery.

  • Devonte Gusikowski Reply

    >Where did he reference teenage moms in his post??? Where did he say anything about black moms not being able to achieve success? He made a post about the image, the lack of maternal responsibility, the lack of of discretion (that woman is CLEARLY behaving inappropriately in front of her child and her actions are clearly not suitable for children). It seems to me that noone could reasonably defend the fuckery and foolishness in the post, so instead that was ignored all together and the discussion turned into something else. People are responding to a post about black teenage moms and how black men hate black women. A post that was never made. Seriously ladies, look at it again. It"s about appropriate, responsible mothering versus whatever the hell that lady was doing in that photo. If that were a post about dads and the inappropriate photo was of a father posing with his penis out, in front of his child everyone would get what was wrong with the pic. I'm all for black girl magic and I know that we black woman get it rough but I don't suggest ignoring the bullshit, all for the sake of solidarity. And as a side note, black women as well as other women of color have been shackled with the stereotype of hypersexuality for what seems like forever. That behavior in the photo nicely plays into that stereotype and all of the dangers that come with it. I find the article confusing because a lot of these points. It seems that a lot more is being extrapolated from that meme above and beyond what is actually being shown in the tweet and article. I wonder if I'm missing something here. He's probably a good/popular musician, but I can't get mad since I don't care about Big Boi's opinions/twitter memes.

  • Ciara Kling Reply

    Under attack for his proximity to Modi and for his recent remarks on rape, Salman is looking for an image makeover. --- > * In such a scenario, Salman Khan desperately needs an image makeover and public support as barely a week remains before his movie Sultan hits the theaters. > * Sources say that Salman has now turned his hope towards Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) founder and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, whose public support has been rising exponentially in recent past. > * Realizing that Arvind Kejriwal is the key to public support and success, sources reveal to Junta Ka Reporter that Salman Khan is desperately sending feelers to Arvind Kejriwal to get the Delhi Chief Minister to tweet appreciatively on Sultan. > * Sources say that Salman has called up Vishal Dadlani an honest musician who is a vocal supporter of AAP and is close to Arvind Kejriwal at least a dozen times in the last three days, pleading with him to request Arvind Kejriwal to tweet about Sultan. --- ^I'm ^a ^bot ^| ^OP ^can ^reply ^with ^"delete" ^to ^remove ^| [^Message ^Creator]( ^| [^Source]( ^| ^Did ^I ^just ^break? ^See ^how ^you ^can ^help! ^Visit ^the ^source ^and ^check ^out ^the ^Readme

  • Leif Labadie Reply

    >Your basketball analogy is a little dodgy to me because in mobile games, they're actually playing the full game, and not just dribbling the a ball. If a guy carries around a basketball and actually shoots some hoops whenever he has some time to kill, I would still say he's playing basketball. Would he, though? Basketball is a team sport which involves a lot more than just dribbling and maybe throwing the ball sometimes. >don't think games should be defined by how much time you put into them anyway. That's not what I'm saying. Some brilliant games are very short(look at the ~6ish hour long Spec Ops: The Line, for instance)- the argument I'm making is how much time you spend at once. If you're just casually tapping your screen for a few minutes as a distraction, does that really fall into the same category as being immersed in an interactive story for an hour? >If it's a form of interactive electronic entertainment and they're having fun doing it, then they're gaming to me. Again, there are different extents to which this applies. Someone isn't an athlete if they just dribble a basketball for a few minutes each day. Someone isn't a musician if they blow a few notes on the trumpet every day. Someone isn't an author because they tweet once or twice a day. Someone isn't a "gamer" because they tap their phone for a few minutes a day.

  • Aileen Rutherford Reply

    **Denace** [artist pic]( > Dennis Maniatakis a.k.a nasty popularly known with his off stage name DENACE is an American unassigned rapper and musician based in the Ypsilanti, Michigan United States, who has been making music from 2006 (as per youtube info.) . He has gained many fans and regularly posts songs on his Youtube channel. Over three million views have been counted on his Youtube postings. He is also known as Nasty. Although his first name is Dennis, Denace is what he goes by. He is/has been also known as Nasty, but his songs posted today feature the name Denace. Denace has not been far from controversy. Comments have been posted and tweets sent, comparing him to Eminem. After the song Die Already was posted, Eminem tweeted, “Wow whoever made “Die Already” really does sound like me. But it ain’t.” The tweet was posted in 2009. > more information here Read more on []( 2,343 listeners, 46,458 plays tags: *Hip-Hop, rap, underground hip-hop, Eminem, music to get lost in* ^^Please ^^downvote ^^if ^^incorrect! ^^Self-deletes ^^if ^^score ^^is ^^0.

  • Alvis Schneider Reply

    Okay. So I had a conflicting opinion about this tweet and her reaction to it. I got where Neko was coming from, in that you shouldn't ever "good for an X" someone, but, I also felt like the Playboy tweet could have easily been interpreted as "Neko Case is defying gender norms" and I can't find anything wrong with that idea in general. So, to reconcile the two ideas, I figured I'd got to the source: the article. Unfortunately, the article seems to be only in print or behind a paywall because googling it just came up with references to it, but, I found a quote of it from "More thoughtful and mature and funnier than the typical female artist types, she's also not trying to ape the hunter-gatherer characteristics of her male counterparts." That's my reconciliation right there. She's apparently better than the typical female artist types. She's not a good musician, she's only the best woman musician. Yeah, not a compliment...

  • Colt Lang Reply

    loooooove the twitter insight. @wamaneuver runs on twitter, instagram, facebook, & tumblr... most of my traffic comes from twitter, though, so that account definitely gets most of my attention. and i'm always back-and-forth on tweet frequency. finding the balance between (a) pushing a product, (b) promoting the wrestler/musician/etc. behind the product, and (c) live tweeting shows, general non-promotional tweets, etc. - it's something i've been trying to figure out for years. especially as a newer company, wanting to get the word out, and wanting to spread the word about the people you're selling products for... i'll cut myself off from rambling, but point taken. thanks for this!

  • Anderson Robel Reply

    Okay, your opinion is obviously the same as the person who wrote the tweet - that Neko Case is "better" than the "pop music ass and boob shaking" other female singers, and that telling her so is a nice compliment. There are a few problems with that idea. 1. Why is what Neko Case doing "better"? Why are the "ass and boob shaking pop singers" not good? 2. Why should it matter if they intended the comment to be nice or not? If someone tells me "you're not as ugly as you were yesterday" but meant it as something nice, am I not allowed to be upset? 3. They had more characters available than what they used, plus they could have just left it as "Artist Neko Case is breaking the mold" and not brought her gender into it at all, since she is a mold -breaking musician

  • Jayson Rowe Reply

    I will admit i do a lot of my social media responses when i am taking a shit and i shit at least 4 times a day so that is a good amount of time!! I always try to stay on top of it. I mean we get to do what we get to do cause awesome people like you listen to our music and come to our shows. We owe everyone who is part of this a huge thanks so i love being able to let you know that i've seen a tweet or message and i love the fact that we can talk via DM. I mean think about before all of this stuff existed how hard it would be for the musician and the person who liked that musician to actually communicate. -k

  • Jamar Ortiz Reply

    I argued with their guitarist after their singer's very drunken performance at a concert. It was really weird to argue with a musician (the band did great, the singer, not so much), trying to defend the singer, who was doing shots, and slurring while singing, before the lead singer to the Gin Blossoms came out and took over singing. Mark McGrath interrupted the tweet exchange to say "don't waste your time arguing." Twitter is fucking bizarre.