The Perfect Cannonball

source: imgur
  • Man goes back in time to laugh at his failed cannonball attempt from winter last year
  • This gif on the front page looks a lot like it's on South Green. Can anyone confirm?
  • MRW I try cannonball into my pool but the devil replaces it with a pile of snow
  • MRW I time travel back to last winter to laugh at my failed cannonball attempt
  • MRW I jump into a horde of Klan members only to trigger an auto save
  • MRW I am a Ninja and someone falls for my frozen snowbank defense
  • HMB while I jump into this pile of snow
  • What did you think was gonna happen?
  • Entering a teamfight with high ping
  • That little bounce when he landed
  • When your Eegee is too thick
  • Perfect cannonball technique
  • A satisfying cannonball
  • The perfect cannon ball
  • The Perfect Cannonball
  • Maybe Maybe Maybe
  • Cannonball Boop!
  • me irl
  • Bloop

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  • Jarod Gulgowski Reply

    I like that his buddy materializes suddenly, and in a cheerful mood.