The Top 10 Overlooked Hollywood Scandals

Hollywood is ripe with scandals. Almost every day, new information comes out that involves famous celebrities and the drama they end up in. Usually the internet blows the biggest news out of proportion, but the smaller more obscure news is forgotten. Luckily, the internet serves as a great tool to archive these occurrences, and allow us to look back on the less talked about Hollywood scandals. The lack of media coverage allowed these scandals to be swept under the rug, but they were never forgotten. This list will take a look at the top 10 Hollywood scandals that may have been overlooked.

Donnell Cooley Murders His Wife

Donnell “Spade” Cooley is considered by most to be the first country music star. He rose to fame in the 1940’s and was the father to three children with his wife Ella Mae Evans. Having discovered his that his wife had had an affair, Cooley took it into his own hands to deliver justice. He murdered his wife in front of his daughter, who eventually testified against him. However, thanks to his connections with Ronald Reagan, who was governor of California at the time, Cooley was released from prison. He died shortly his release after backstage at a performance. The convicted murderer still has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

David Whiting’s Death

David Whiting was the business manager for actress Sarah Miles. During the shoot of the film “The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing”, an altercation took place between Miles and Whiting that lead to his death. Burt Reynolds, another cast member from the film, was said to have had a hand in the altercation as well. Whiting was found dead in his hotel room, apparently from committing suicide. But it’s believed that Reynolds and Miles murdered Whiting due to a love triangle dispute among the three of them.

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