The Virginity Loss Stories Of 15 Hollywood A-Listers

It’s a fact of life. You’re either a virgin or you aren’t. It’s the transitionary period that’s interesting. While we’ve all had our ups and downs in the bedroom, we can all admit that the first time is never quite as dreamy or as easy as the movies make it seem. Rest assured, though, that movie stars and other celebrities go through similarly sticky situations. Here are fifteen stories from fifteen Hollywood hotshots about how they popped the cherry.

Paris Hilton

Leave it the heiress of the Hilton empire to lose her virginity at a luxury resort in Palm Springs. And not just to any old schmuck either, but to Randy Spelling, the younger brother of Tori Spelling. Paris was fifteen years old at the time and even then had more money than any person should.

Ashton Kutcher

Kutcher is man enough to admit that his first experience with sex was the worst. Apparently, after being set up with a girl by a buddy of his, the pair snuck off into the woods for a quickie that lasted about four seconds and was super awkward. The two hooked up again a few years later so that Ashton could prove he had gotten much better.

Chris Brown

Believe what you want about Breezy, but this one sounds a little fishy. Brown reportedly told an interviewer that he lost his virginity to a fourteen year old girl when he himself was only eight. We’re not quite sure what to make of this one, but the hip-hop star seemed sincere, so take what you will from that exchange.

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