‘The Walk’ Is Causing People To Vomit In Movie Theaters

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s latest movie ‘The Walk’ is causing some moviegoers to be very unsettled. The 3D film tells the story about Philippe Petit, a Frenchman who is famously known for high wire walking across New York’s Twin Towers back in 1974. The film is giving some viewers vertigo.

After the film premiered at the New York Film Festival, many of the audience members were seen becoming sick. Some of them even resulted to vomiting after watching certain scenes. Robert Zemeckis, the film’s director, said that it was his goal to have the audience experience vertigo. He wanted the film to be so realistic, that it would cause the viewers to feeling like they were actually on top of the Twin Towers.

Denise Widman, the board director of the Boston Jewish Film Festival said that she felt queasy watching the film. The last 20 minutes caused her to look away and caused her to feel anxiety. “The last 20 minutes of the film I had to look away a couple of times because of the sensation of the height. I felt a little bit queasy. I felt nervous. It was a tingling sensation and some anxiety.

Other people felt that the 3D height was too much to deal with, which triggered their severe vomiting. If you’re up for the challenge, ‘The Walk’ is now in theaters.

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