This 7-Year-Old Boy Smokes 16 Cigarettes Per Day

A seven-year-old boy named Dihan Awalidan has been addicted to cigarettes since he was three years old, Mirror reported. At present, Dihan smokes 16 cigarettes per day after cutting down from three packets daily. The boy’s parents said that they are helpless to stop him. The 7-year-old purchases his Kretek cigarettes with his pocket money or takes money from his mom’s purse without her permission to fund his smoking habit. Despite his family’s pleading, Dihan is not able to quit and frequently vanishes to nearby paddy fields to smoke secretly.

His dad Iyan said that Dihan has been smoking cigarettes since the age of three. He further said that if Dihan was not given money to buy cigarettes, he would steal cigarettes or get angry. The Indonesian boy has cut back on his smoking, but refuses to completely quit smoking. The boy’s lips have already started to turn black from the amount of tar he breathes into his lungs.

Indonesia is the fifth biggest tobacco market in the world and one third of Indonesian children have tried smoking before the age of 10.

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