This Boy Claims To Remember His Past Life

A 10-year-old boy claims that he used to be a Hollywood actor. When he was four years old, Ryan Hammons began to have haunting nightmares. However, he shared his secret with his mother only when he turned five. Mum Cyndi said that Ryan’s stories were very detailed and comprehensive. He gave shocking details of his past life. Ryan told his mother stories about dancing on Broadway, working with actress Rita Hayworth and taking trips to Paris.

Ryan’s stunning revelations prompted Cyndi to research his claims. Cyndi said that everything changed when they found the photo of the actor. She further said that she found the picture in a library in a Hollywood memorial book. The photo was a shot from the 1932 movie titled Night After Night. A film archivist identified the actor as Marty Martyn. Martyn was a former movie extra who became a big-time agent in Hollywood. He died in 1964. Cyndi has contacted a child psychiatrist Dr. Jim Tucker for help. The child psychiatrist was able to confirm 55 details about the former actor’s life that Ryan had provided.

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