This Cat And Horse Share A Unique Friendship Like No Other

Cat lovers tend to unite in their adoration for the feline species – even though a cat tends to be rather aloof. Horses, on the other hand, tend to be one of the most loved creatures around. There aren’t many negatives regarding the massive mammal. So, combine the two into one bundle and you have one of the funnest, cutest moments someone could experience.

Of course, it was the cat that managed to get himself atop the horse to lick and hug his best friend. With impeccable balance, this particular cat rides on the back of the horse while snuggling up as a young woman leads the larger animal along. Without missing a single beat, the furry feline takes advantage of the ride by exploring her surroundings and making herself even more comfortable.

Unfortunately, the splendid ride couldn’t last forever for the small cat, as she had to jump to the ground after the ride came to a halt. These unlikely pals will probably go for a second ride soon enough, though.

source: youtube

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