This Cute Photo Of A Little Girl Will Freak You Out Big Time!

You may look at the photo above and see a cute little girl posing for the camera for her dad while they vacation in Japan. However, looking more closely at the photo may blow your mind and send chills down your spine! Not to creep you out, but there is a ghost in the photo and standing right behind the little girl. Here is the same photo, but with the ghost circled.

As you can see, there are a pair of black boots and some black pants behind the little girl. However, no other part of the “ghost” can be seen. From the size of those boots, we would think the ghost would be towering over the little girl, but that is not the case.

The photo was posted to Reddit by Obiaruf and they claim nothing was altered in the photo. To show proof, they also included another photo taken around the same time and the boots are gone!

This is just so bizarre to us and it makes you wonder what was going on that day. It couldn’t be a person standing behind the little girl, so was it actually a ghost?

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