This Guy Wanted His Girlfriend Out Of Jail, So He Did The Dumbest Thing Ever

When someone you love is arrested, typically you will drain your savings and ask your friends for help in bailing them out. It seems, however, that Robert Phillip Rivas had a better idea when his girlfriend was arrested on drug charges and needed bail. This Pleasant Grove, Utah, resident decided it was best to commit a worse crime in order to obtain the money — he robbed a bank.

Rivas arrived at the Utah Community Credit Union on May 4th, 2015 donned in a wig, fake mustache, and baseball cap. He managed to obtain a rather large amount of cash, which he used to bail his girlfriend out of jail. The reunion between the two was short-lived, however, as he was soon arrested for the robbery. While his girlfriend is still allowed to be free, he sits behind bars along with Armando Jesse Ambriz, who was his accomplice during the crime. The pair are currently facing charges of felony robbery and obstruction of justice.

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