This Jane Doe Is The Most Kissed Woman In The Whole World

This Jane Doe was found in a Seine in Paris. No one knows what she was thinking before she drowned in the Seine, because she seems to have a quaint smile on her face. A pathologist was stricken by her beauty and thought she was absolutely gorgeous. He was so enthralled that he made a plaster mold of her face to show off to his colleagues. He called it L’lnconnue’s death mask — it was an instant hit! Several copies were made from that mold and by 1900, they were sold as decorative pieces throughout Europe.

It became so popular that it was not only made as busts but wall pieces as well. It became famous also in Russia and the United States. Some people even agree that there was a whole generation of girls within those times that modeled their looks after her. Many people compared the curious but faint smile to that of The Mona Lisa’s. Although her death was tragic, the original photo is not only a little creepy but seems to reveal something deeper. She looks as though she was pondering her life and looks to be satisfied with her demise.

The original cast was reproduced over and over. However, the piece had an even larger destiny. It had huge effect on the world in general. In 1958 this same mask was used to create the first ever Resusci Anne. You know who this is, right? It’s the woman we all kiss in CPR courses. After all of these years this mysterious Jane Doe is still in existence. She is making a huge impact on society! It is said that the face of the L’Inconnue de la Seine is the most kissed face of all time.

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