This Man Earns Over £100,000 As A Female Supermodel

An attractive male model earns over £100,000 per year posing as a woman for popular brands such as Diesel, L’Oreal and Ray-Ban, Mirror reported. Stav Strashko said that he is frequently mistaken as a woman and gets chatted up by males who think he is a female. The beautiful blonde has taken the catwalk by storm thanks to his luscious locks, lovely cheekbones and slim figure. The 21-year-old lives with his boyfriend in Milan, Italy.

Strashko was spotted by an Israeli stylist while out shopping five years ago. The stylist was stunned by the looks of Stav and said his physique would be ideal for modeling. Soon, the 5ft 11 in. model was signed to a modeling agency and did his first shoot for a fashion magazine. To transform himself, Stav epilates his body and face to remove all of his hair and uses tight, minimizing pants, to conceal his manly bulge. However, the successful fashionista admitted that he occasionally gets threatened by female models. Stav Strashko said that sometimes other female models whisper about him, but he ignores it.

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