This Man Spent A Year Building A Life-Sized Transformer

One father from China may have just won the award for truly being the best dad ever. Wang Liangsheng gave his son a toy transformer one day, but the young boy asked for something a little bit bigger. So, being the amazing shipyard welder that Wang was, he began his year-long journey building a life-sized transformer.

It took the whole year to weld together, but the Transformer is now five meters tall and three meters wide. It created a bit of a stir within Jiangsu, the village where Wang is located in. However, this is not the only life-sized Transformer to be found throughout China; in 2011 another was made in central China by another welder. This one was created using scrap car and motorcycle parts. Another welder created one in 2012, which stood six and a half meters tall and was made using three different vehicles.

We’d love to see them come alive and battle across China, but those dreams are better left for when we’re asleep, unfortunately.

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