This Mural Masterpiece Was Painted Upside-Down For A Purpose

In the tiny city of Marijampole in Lithuania, a stunning mural was painted by New York-based artist Ray Bartkus for a special purpose. At first, the big painting doesn’t make sense — on a turquoise blue building, everything is painted upside down! But when you look at the mural at a farther distance, it all makes sense. While the mural is painted in a building, the art truly comes alive in the water’s reflection!

The beautiful mural features upside down swans, rowers, divers and swimmers that reflect right side up in the reflection of the Sesupe River, which runs throughout the city.

The mural pieces interact with the environment so well — like how ambient art should be. Even if the photo has been digitally enhanced with photo filters, it looks just as cool in person. The mural was painted for Malonny Art Festival which is organized to bring artists from all over the world to celebrate art.

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