This Owl Has Become The Neighborhood Pet In Noordeinde, Netherlands

Owls are not terrifying animals, but who would have thought they would become the neighborhood pet for this small town in the Netherlands? The owl has made a home in Noordeinde, Netherlands, and he feels so comfortable in his new surroundings that he flies around and sits on the heads of people in the area!

As you can see in the video, the owl was sitting on the roof, but he swoops down and lands on this person’s head standing in the street. He fixes his footing and makes sure he is stable on the guy’s head, which is funny to see.

The people in the neighborhood are not sure where the owl came from, but many are speculating that it may have escaped from an aviary in Oosterwolde. Either way, the owl is bringing a lot of buzz to the town and rightfully so!

source: youtube
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