This Primary School Puzzle Has Adults Stumped. Can You Figure It Out?

The test is used as part of a Hong Kong primary school’s admission process. While the students didn’t seem to have an issue with answering the question in the allotted 20 seconds, it sure is messing with adult’s minds and leaving us stumped!

The question: “What is the number of the parking space containing the car?” As you can see in the photo anpve, there are six parking spaces present. Five of the spots have numbers and the sixth spot has a parked car. So, what is the number of that parking space with the parked car?

If you use logic or algebra or any other kind of math skill to figure it out, then you come into a problem. Nothing seems to solve this puzzle and no way can we figure it out in just 20 seconds. However, the six-year-old kids in Hong Kong are doing it, but how? It appears that adults are overthinking it and the answer can be seen here:

So, you have to flip over the puzzle and notice that it is counting up from 86 to 91. That means the car is parked in the spot that would be 87! And now, we are all primary school geniuses!

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