This Robot is Guaranteed to Dance Better Than Anybody You Know

It is now 2015, which means the world is quickly moving forward into the long-awaited future that has flying cars, floating buildings, and robots that follow the three laws before ultimately breaking down and taking over the country. Of course, companies today are working with robotics, too, including Boston Dynamics, who is helping to lead the pack in terms of evolutionary technology.

Evolutionary technology is only so good if it can dance, however. So, that is exactly what Boston Dynamics decided to do. The company ensured their bi-pedal robot could dance to the tune of Paul Engemann’s Push It to The Limit. So, if Skynet is hoping to have their own training montage for the future line of T-800s, then this is where they are going to start for inspiration.

On a more serious note, though, this light-hearted video reveals exactly the type of technology and skill Boston Dynamics has managed to accomplish. Both the Atlas and the Petman are incredibly lifelike, but still retain their cold exterior.

source: youtube
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