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This Three Point Shot Will Leave You Speechless

Georgia State’s R.J. Hunter made this game-winning three-point shot that took everybody by surprise. With less than three seconds left to go in the game, Hunter made the shot from well beyond the three-point line, earning his team the victory over the Bears.

R.J.’s father, Ron Hunter, is the current head-coach of Georgia State and was on the sidelines when his son took the shot. Upon seeing his son make the basket, the proud father, and coach, threw himself out of his chair and onto the ground in excitement. His assistants rushed to his side to pick him up because he’s currently recovering from a torn Achilles tendon.

The crowd was going insane and his teammates were beyond ecstatic as well. In a recent interview, Ron Hunter had this to say: “It was a great game, but I’m not going to coach, I’m going to be Dad right now. This is my son. Proud of him. … I haven’t been able to do that for three years.”

source: youtube
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