This Woman Makes A Living By Showing Off Her 96-inch Belly On Webcam

Gayla Neufeld makes a living by showing off her 96-inch belly to male fat admirers on webcam, Mirror reported. She has used her belly to attract men from all over the world, including current hubby, Lance. The 52-year-old woman said that growing up she used to be ashamed of her belly but now she has a following of men who actually like it. She further said that she has had bodybuilders, lawyers and doctors approach her, which really surprised her. Some bigger women have a two-tier belly but her is a single and that is actually attractive to many men.

For years, Gayla struggled to tackle with her family’s abnormal genetic legacy. She said that women in her family have always put on weight around the belly, particularly after having kids. Gayla said that she was ashamed to be fat. Despite her body problems, Gayla ultimately tied the knot at 19 and embarked on a mission to lose weight. However, her weight hovered at 300-400lb.

Gayla hit rock-bottom when her husband said he was embarrassed by her weight and they parted ways in 1999. It was around this time that morbidly obese Gayla came across an online community of obese women calling themselves super-sized big beautiful women. These women were worshiped by males calling themselves fat admirers. Gayla joined a fat-fetish forum called Bulge Chat and found herself overwhelmed with fans. The 30-stone woman now loves her belly and works as a webcam model.

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