This years new Track and Field event

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  • This years new Track and Field event

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  • Diego Kreiger Reply

    The guy who won this ran a fucking 4:02 mile if you remove the drinking time. His total time was something like 4:33, but his time spent running was just over 4 minutes. Insane.

  • Marcelle Kshlerin Reply

    This is soooo hard you wouldn't believe. It's fighting with your stomach which is making you puke within first 50 steps. And then you just keep adding.

  • Edna Russel Reply

    If you look it up, beer miles have been happening for quite a long time, and there are some very fast runners (who also are very fast drinkers) who compete. How does under [5 minutes to run a mile and chug 4 beers]( sound?