Three Identical Sisters From Brazil All Got Married On Same Day

Guests at a wedding service saw triple vision when three identical sisters got married together in joint wedding, according to ABC News. Identical triplets Tagiane, Rochele and Rafaela had the same makeup and hairstyle and wore the same wedding dress when they tied the knot. The grooms were baffled and recognized their adorable brides by the color of their bouquet. The beautiful wedding ceremony was held in Catedral Nossa Senhora Aparecida, Brazil, on March 21st. Tagiane’s husband is Eduardo, Rochele’s husband is Gabriel and Rafaela’s husband is Rafael.

The parents, Salete and Pedro, suggested that the girls should get married together. The 29-year-old sisters revealed that they have always shared the same interests, tastes, hobbies, likes and dislikes since they were babies. And now the triplets will also share a marriage anniversary. The parents already had one daughter named Liziele when they decided to expand their family. However, Salete and Pedro never expected that three more girls would come at the same time.

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