Three Retired Cops Got High On Marijuana For 4/20

An interesting experimental video was recently done by Cut Video in honor of 4/20 — three retired cops get stoned out of their minds in honor of the annual marijuana day.

All former cops said they had smoked marijuana before, but not for decades. When asked if they can recall arresting anyone for a weed-related crime, all three said no, but one did recall seizing “a lot of pot away from people, and throwing it away in front of their face“. All three former law enforcement officers believe marijuana should be legal, for medical reasons.

As the effects of the weed began to sink in, the men were asked to do a field sobriety test — which they actually did better than when they did it before smoking. They also played Cards Against Humanity, Heads Up! and also got the munchies.

Watch the video now and see their epic reactions and comments — the guy on the right is our favorite!

source: youtube
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