Toilet Explosion Leaves A Woman Seriously Injured

A Slovenian woman walked into a bathroom in Austria to use the toilet, but the toilet suddenly exploded. She suffered serious burns to her head, arms and hands. The fiery burst occurred at the moment she turned on the light switch in the farm house bathroom. Authorities think that the electrical circuit in the light switch ignited some methane gas that had been building up from a nearby septic tank.

The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital in southern Austria to be treated for her burns. It’s a known fact that built-up concentrations of methane gas from sewage can cause toilet explosions. In Barcelona last year, a woman sued a local bar after she was severely injured by an exploding toilet. Poor ventilation, the poorly cleaned bathroom, and methane gas were all factors in the horrible accident. In that case, the woman sustained second and third-degree burns and required skin grafts on her legs.

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