Top 10 Most Epic Moments Of Sports Rage

In order to be excellent in professional sports, you need to have the athletic ability, drive, and the ability to maintain performance under extreme pressure. However, sometimes the pressure to be the best also takes away the part of you that’s responsible for self control. Professional athletes are no strangers to expressions of rage that sometimes that rage comes in the worst of situations. We’ve searched the internet and found the top ten most epic moments of rage displayed in various sports events in the list below.

Shoe-Throwing Golfers

Golf is generally thought of as a calm and collected game, but Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia brings the fun to the golf courses around the world. His most famous tantrum goes back to 1999’s World Match Play Wentworth tournament where, after missing a shot, Garcia took off his shoes and threw it to the spectator area. When he got the shoe back, he threw it again, this time narrowly missing the head of match referee John Grant.

Bats-Throwing Yankee

After his opponent swung his bat to hit the pitch and his bat broken, Roger Clemens picked up a bigger piece of the broken bat and threw it back at his opponent who was at that point running for first base. The moment is known as one of the most memorable in history. Yankees later won.

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