Top 11 Must See Sci-Fi Shows

It is hard to find a science fiction show these days, but it’s even harder to find a good science fiction show. This doesn’t mean your sci-fi itch can’t be scratched with some fun and intriguing current shows. There are also others that are older but still hold a candle to the newer shows that must be mentioned as they are often overlooked. From Babylon 5 to Battlestar Galactica, here are the top 11 must see sci-fi shows in no particular order.

Falling Skies (2011 – )

An alien race attacks Earth and nobody has a clue why it happened. The people that survived are trying to organize and stay alive as long as possible. The show gives off a Walking Dead vibe, but has interesting twists. It tackles social problems but mostly stays strong to the sci-fi adventure type of show.

Continuum (2012 – )

A detective from the future gets seemingly accidentally thrown back in time (present time) to hunt down criminals which were thrown back in time with her. Other than interesting story lines and some procedural episodes, the show tackles some interesting questions. One of which is what is the cost of freedom? The detectives future is controlling society and trying to keep peace, but the rebels that try to fight for freedom constantly make terrorist attacks with no regard to the safety of civilians. As the show goes on, you will definitely see more time travel, fun gadgets and great plots.

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