Top 20 Celebrities Who Out-Chris Browned Chris Brown

Pamela Anderson & Kidd Rock

It’s not the most talked about affairs but Kidd Rock unleashed some hell on Pamela after discovering her part in the Borat film. Who would’ve known getting married on a yacht would end in a divorce in the same year!

Sid Vicious & Nancy Spungen

A counterculture couple and poster for drug-riddled punk rock, Vicious and Nancy shared a volatile love. While a suspect in Nancy’s murder, Vicious died a few months later from an overdose.

Frank Sinatra & Ava Gardner

It’s either Frank and Ava were fighting and leaving bruises on each other’s face, or they were having crazy makeup action. Both stars had a problem with their temper, and both loved to drink.

Jack Nicholson & Angelica Huston

An on and off relationship that lasted over 16 years culminated in 1989 when good old Jack made love to a woman 12 years his junior. It was on the set of Two Jakes where Huston “Chris Browned” Nicholson to the point he needed to receive some medical treatment.

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