Top 20 Celebrities Who Out-Chris Browned Chris Brown

Carmen Electra & Dennis Rodman

It’s still hard to come to terms that this celebrity couple happened, but it was in 1998 when Rodman was a Laker and weirding out everyone on the court. Domestic abuse then ensued, and both even got arrested after a major fight that got the neighbors worried.

Eminem & Kim Mathers

While Eminem has always been great in keeping a low profile on his personal life, his dysfunctional relationship didn’t escape public attention. After domestic abuse cases, custody battles, drug possessions, lawsuits, and arrests, the two eventually managed to reconcile.

Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston

When a successful R&B star and a chart-topping R&B star lock heads, you don’t expect domestic abuse, public display of punching, bar fights, drug arrest, and rehab would you? Yeah Bobby got us thinking too until Whitney ended the 14 year marriage.

Mike Tyson & Robin Givens

A divorce in 1989 on Valentine’s Day is certainly a one to remember. When Mike wasn’t knocking out opponents, he was apparently knocking out Robin. She claims she was afraid of him and he physically abused her regularly.

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