Top 20 Craziest Athlete Superstitions Of All Time

16. Ray Allen

Don’t mess with Ray Allen’s ritual before taking the court for the Miami Heat. Any day he has a game, you’ll find Allen napping from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, enjoying a meal of chicken and rice an hour and a half later, and a quick head shave before heading to the basketball court at 3:30 pm. Quite the process!

15. LeBron James

King James loves biting his nails nervously while he sits on the bench between plays. What are you nervous about, Lebron?

14. Daniel Briere

Daniel Briere’s superstitions surround his hockey stick – which he treats with the utmost care. He regularly switches out sticks in order to “give them a rest”, particularly if the stick scored a goal. Gotta give those hockey sticks a rest for a job well done!

13. Bryce Harper

Byrce Harper suffers not one but two pretty comical superstitions. Not only does he have to eat Eggo Waffles for breakfast, but he showers 7 times a day!

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