Top 20 Most Bizarre Baby Names Of All Time

Most people are generally satisfied with the name that was given to them at birth. There are, however, some people who feel less than content about the name that they were appointed, and for good reason. There are some names that are fine on their own, but when combined with a particular last name, make for an excellent joke. There are other names that are just downright embarrassing.

Often, we see a lot of celebrities giving their children outrageous names, or naming their children after fruit (or directions). This could be a way to make their child stand out from the crowd, or it could be the result of a less than sober decision. Whatever it may be, these funny names are sure to make anyone laugh.


Typically, “Snowy” is associated with a type of weather. Kids love snowy days – they usually get to stay home from school, drink hot chocolate, watch movies, maybe play outside – but most kids don’t want to be named Snowy. In 2013, 5 children in the U.S. were named Snowy.


Toni Braxton named her son “Denim” sort of by accident. She said originally the name was supposed to be spelled and pronounced “Denham”, but once a nurse started calling him “Denim”, they realized they liked the name like that.


Although it’s very likely that a car-loving man came up with this name, it’s hard to imagine his wife giving the thumbs-up to it too.


Alicia Keys gave her baby a biblical name – “Egypt.” She said she took a trip to Egypt and it was life-changing, and her husband suggested it as a name for their child.

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