Tourist Trampled By Queen’s Guard After Standing In Their Path

The Queen’s Guard was marching through England and the tourists were lining up to see the action. One particular tourist got a little too close to the action, as he was standing directly in the path of the soldiers and they were not stopping for anyone!

As you can see in the clip, the man is standing with his back to the oncoming soldiers. He is holding a camera and ready for the action, but he must have missed the warning from one of the other tourists to move out of the way. Shortly after that, the guards come marching up and take the man with them. One of the guards yells “Make way!” but it is a little too late for that, as the man was already being pushed out of the way.

Sure, the guards should have given the tourist a little bit more of a warning, but the guy should have moved out of the way and paid a little more attention to his surroundings! Either way, it is hilarious!

source: youtube
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