Toy Dinosaur Removed From Woman’s Private Parts

A student nurse has discovered what happened when someone decides it is a good idea to insert a toy T-Rex into their vagina and leave it in their for masturbation uses. Unfortunately for the woman, the toy became lodged within her private parts and she required the help of the local sexual health clinic for its removal.

Nurse Poppy Ward was performing her placement at said health clinic to shadow a doctor who worked there. The doctor in question decided to bring Ward in on the next case, according to her personal blog. Poppy made sure to ask the woman plenty if questions about the event. The woman’s response to the most important question was: “I was playing with my son’s dinosaur, and it’s stuck. It’s a T-Rex.”

Poppy was able to remove the toy using a pair of forceps and a speculum. She left the woman with a little bit of advice, though: “I don’t advise inserting children’s toys during sexual activity, however if you do choose to masturbate with a toy dinosaur, I recommend buying your own, and perhaps putting it in a condom, or tying a leash to its foot.”

We also don’t recommend using a child’s toy during any type of sexual act or relations. Odd things like this tend to happen.

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